What is a Cursor?

by Chris Morganelli

Someone having computer problems. IT. Enough Said.

Quality IT help is hard to come by, isn’t it? The scope of IT support is no longer printer/copier configurations and basic desktop support. With an ever-expanding digital landscape, increased emphasis on data security, and greater reliance on interconnectivity comes the need for highly skilled, reliable IT experts that can manage everything for you. Have you considered outsourcing your IT services to offload the required labor, expertise and management of those resources?

IT Support Before, During and After Business Hours

How can you achieve business efficiency when you can’t even get to your systems? It’s fair to say that the modern workplace is dependent on constant connectivity, with applications like virtual desktops, Office365 and other cloud applications in regular use. As a business owner, you need IT processes to run smoothly so that you never have to suffer costly downtime. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your office network will be up and running when you return to work every Monday, and every other day? You’re not in the business of troubleshooting outages and service disruptions. In fact, wasting time with IT yourself prevents you from performing core business functions.

Round-the-clock IT support service is just one of many advantages of working with an MSP like MC IT to increase efficiency and productivity. Viruses that lock you out of your computer and important company files can strike without notice. Because these attacks, commonly referred to as malware and ransomware, don’t follow a set schedule, you need 24x7x365 IT support services. If you haven’t yet explored the benefits of managed IT services, you probably face the following two scenarios when shi.., I mean IT hits the fan:

  • Your in-house IT loses valuable company time trying to resolve the issue.
  • You call up your break/fix provider, the IT “support” that only comes when you report an issue, to see how soon they can come onsite, evaluate and attempt to solve the problem.

As you may have discovered, neither situation is ideal. When you partner with MC IT, however, you receive proactive rather than reactive solutions. This distinction makes all the difference when attempting to minimize business downtime and reduce the impact of issues. So how does this work? Unlike a break/fix provider that depends on you discovering an issue, we come equipped with an IT management platform that allows us to monitor your network continuously from the cloud. This product is referred to as remote monitoring and management (RMM). We deploy agents to all of your devices and track the health of your IT network, using the leading RMM. Unlike break/fix IT services, we can therefore detect an issue as soon as it arises and resolve it before it becomes a bigger issue, often remotely, rather than require a possible lengthy venture to your offices. One hidden benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait in line. Whereas a break/fix provider may already have a full agenda of sites to visit and can’t get to you until later, we can act fast, so fast, you may not know there was a problem to begin with. Yes, if an alert hits after business hours, we will be able to act quickly and without disturbance to you or your employee’s production.

Supplemental Resource to Your In-House IT Team

How large is your IT department? Are there a few holes you wish you could fill, but either can’t afford to employ more people or can’t find enough qualified candidates? If you do have an in-house IT department, perhaps they could benefit from the additional IT support and resources an MSP, such as we provide. Then, there’s the issue of turnover. Is it difficult for you to keep true IT talent very long? IT is the glue that holds your company together and keeps business up, running and profitable.

An MSP helps you extend your in-house IT team, enabling existing staff to better manage their workload, at a fraction of the cost. This can be a huge relief for companies that only have one or a few dedicated IT folks on staff. Working with us at MC IT also opens you up to new expertise and skillsets. Our technicians hold a wide array of technical degrees and certifications, and can help you implement more complex technology projects. There’s no doubt that with more hands on deck, you can reach higher levels of business efficiency.

Group Policies and Procedures

When you hear the words “data breach” and “data loss,” what images appear? One very real consequence of compromised data is loss of business, delayed work efficiency or even going out of business. Are you aware of all the various contributing factors responsible for data loss and data breaches? Better yet, have you built and enforced security policies and procedures to protect against these threats? Let’s first examine the role human error plays in weakened security. Poor passwords and password security are just the tip of the iceberg. Combine this with staff accidentally deleting files, leaving devices unattended without locking screens, misplacing devices, sharing files un-securely and falling for malware or phishing schemes, and you’ve got the potential for business-crippling situations on your hands.

Enough tech-talk. We hope we’ve convinced you to prioritize the importance of your IT and do something proactive about it. In fact, contact us. MC IT, we ensure critical IT systems are always available to support your core business functions. Take advantage of our complimentary initial consultations.


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