Virtual Work Life In a New Time.

by John Chisca

If you walk into your office each week and clock in to get paid, then working remotely probably hasn’t crossed your mind. Other than, you wish you were able to work from home some days? Many companies think about this option as something in their future, or we are not that “type of company.” Sadly, that is where you are wrong! No matter what your industry is, remote access has come to the table this Spring. Thank you, Coronavirus! Thousands of employees around the world have been affected by COVID-19. It has highlighted the importance of these working capabilities.

Regardless of the situation, why would you limit yourself and your company to four walls? When the sky is the limit, your head should be in the clouds! That is the “cloud.” No matter what you need, a phone system, a virtual office space, cloud storage, it is available and at your fingertips today. Now more than ever, we can see how this is a vital resource to have in place regardless of what kind of business yours is. Companies who have never thought they needed a virtual office environment have been placed in a position that they never thought they would. The COVID-19 Pandemic has swept across the globe and put our country and others in quarantine. Using the Vox Tandem 3CX Unified Communications phone systems allows your employees to remain connected and available remotely, no matter where they are. In times like these, key features like the Mobile App and Free Video conferencing are just some of the ways that your company can maintain productivity while facing this type of crisis.

In light of the Coronavirus, this has placed many in a situation that they have never encountered before. If you are one of the businesses that are lacking virtual capabilities, then you are scrambling to continue with productivity. Let’s use this as an opportunity to reevaluate your business needs and how it communicates.

Imagine this; you have a deadline next week for a monumental deal. You were scheduled to meet with your clients to pitch them on your product. Now you cannot get together because we are quarantined. Without the virtual capabilities, this deal would be postponed and potentially lost to someone who was able to move ahead. Since you have access to virtual features, you are going to seal the deal. All staff planning meetings can be held in virtual conferences to collaborate and put together your pitch. During this meeting, you will have access to whiteboards, PDFs, and polls, and more. It will be just like sitting in your office except, maybe you have on comfier pants. At the end of the day, you can move forward with your deal and not lose it to your competitor.

Another way that virtual options are a blessing is in a school atmosphere. In the future, snow days could become a thing of the past. An educational environment taken virtually can provide children and learning adults the ability to continue their education without interruption. The virus has shut down schools across our country. Because of these virtual options, children can log in to their schools and access their curriculum and teachers. Live classrooms can be attended from anywhere. Thanks to remote access, when things like weather and pandemics cross our path, we no longer have to worry about schools closing and making up lost days through most of our summer. Instead, stay connected now and enjoy your summer.

Don’t lose a client because you could not be in your office, and don’t let your kids’ summers waste away. Working remotely is no longer the future, but the new norm. The demands for web meeting platforms have increased by 300%. As a Platinum Partner for 3CX Unified Communications business phone systems, Vox Tandem has a plan to fit all business sizes and needs. At a time when your company needs to adapt rapidly, our priority at Vox Tandem is your company’s telecommunications. We are always working to stay ahead of the curve and ensure you and your company remain connected. Use this event to reevaluate your business communication needs. We welcome the opportunity to help answer any questions related to our remote working capabilities from video web conferences, to the mobile app solutions. Helping you to Stay in business while keeping your employees safe is our number one concern! Let’s partner together in our new future.

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