It’s a Digital World After All

by Rogelio Castillo

It is no surprise or fantasy anymore that our entire global economy is moving towards digital business, everything from grocery shopping, job interviews, logistics and even finding love does not require a physical transaction anymore.
We all became so busy with our lives that we developed a need for simple and fast solutions to cater to our simple life duties. The result? Companies started to pop up on the horizon to solve that; we started to see dating apps, music streaming, and car service, just to mention a few examples.
The most surprising situation I have encountered lately is that there are still markets in the United States that are fighting this digital revolution, surprising? Not really…shocking? Absolutely! This article is to remind all business owners, small and large company owners to get digitalized! Whether you are providing spa services, catering, photography or distributing goods around the world, if you are not already making sure your company has the proper digital presence, operational tools, partnerships, marketing strategy and digital revenue streams you will be at a high risk of being overtaken by your competition in the next 3-5 years at the most.
This revolution is better known as “The Amazon Effect.” You blame technology and Millennials for the change in the economic market, but in reality, this was meant to happen, and many just decided to ignore it thinking it would just be a trend or a “bubble.” Do not get me wrong there are many companies with tangible products and businesses, but your internal operations, marketing, and expansion strategy should be 80% digital and 20% traditional methods. It is a very big world out there, why get comfortable with your local market when you can reach thousands or millions of potential clients/users with the simple touch of a button.
We have seen corporate empires in retail and other industries collapse within months because of the non-existence or lack of a proper digital business strategy. Stores closed, entire shopping malls abandoned, office buildings vacant, thousands of jobs disappeared in minutes, and unfortunately the only reason is, their company refused to understand the importance of the digital economy.
Companies and entrepreneurs are using digital growth strategies to penetrate new markets, create trends and multiple new sources of revenue from the comfort of their office and/or laptop.
The importance of social media, e-commerce, digital media solutions and strategic collaborations can take your business to a new level without breaking the bank. If you are not already looking into digital development solutions for your business, it is strongly suggested you look at how to before it’s too late and in fact, someone somewhere else will absorb your clientele and market in a click of a button.
Do not fight the digital revolution, join it. Get a digital business advisor on how to make important changes in your business strategy today, remember, tomorrow it may already be too late. Welcome to the future.
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