The Way You Look Matters

by Rogelio Castillo

It’s an interesting point of view how this day and age people and businesses still like to think and say, “It’s not all about the way you look.” I am here to tell you the way you look is not everything, but it surely helps a lot more than you think. We are going to explore why the way your business look matters because yes, it matters a great deal.
I have encountered a majority of small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, etc. that have had the great fortune of being in business and performed growth. The problem is when they reach a threshold they simply cannot break. They ask themselves, “Why?!” Well, some of these companies have just let themselves GO. They started some growth, made some money, and completely disregarded the way they look as an entity to the rest of the world. There is a saying, “Looks fill our eyes, while personalities fill our hearts.” This statement applies to businesses as well.
You as a company want to have continuous growth and get that really big client you wish for. You long for the contract that changes everything and takes you to the next level. Well… maybe it’s time to take a good look in the mirror and analyze what’s staring back at you. Is your company as a whole really communicating what it needs to land that client and/or contract? Are you still reflecting a garage startup begging for any type of client to bring you revenue? Here are some of the things you need to take a look at immediately. First off, take a good look at your competition, local and national. This will tell you image-wise, what the real difference is. Secondly, look at the client you desire, it’s competition, and whom they have worked with in the past. This will show you the type of companies they rub shoulders with and the type of shoulders they want to keep rubbing. Is your company looking like one of those? Lastly, reflect on your own business and think, “How can I make it look like a national or global brand?”
A lot of companies think restructuring their image and/or branding might be an unnecessary expense. On the contrary, I am here to remind you that is not an “expense.” It is a necessary investment you need to seriously consider every so often, and make sure you keep up with it over time. As well as investing in yourself as a company, in order to be able to get recognized by clients you want to work with… look the part and act as if. Those two sentences, as a small or medium business, should be in your mind at all times. LOOK THE PART: Look like the company that you are thriving to be. ACT AS IF: Handle yourself as the larger, more successful company you want to be. Both go hand in hand with getting yourself from a small, startup business to a real player in your industry. Whether you are selling napkins, uniforms, manufacturing equipment, forklifts, hospitality services, food, etc. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can always look BETTER. Get yourself ready to dazzle your potential client, your potential partner, your potential success.
Think of it as a first date, when you go out on a first date you go all in to impress. That same principle applies to this industry every single day you are in the business. Including but not limited to your physical office, website, social media channels, your team, etc. Always make sure you look perfect.
How do you get the perfect look? Branding or image consulting is what you may need. Let’s face it; everybody can’t be good at everything, so find yourself someone that can translate your business personality into graphic emotions. Invest in the way you look so you can turn heads in your industry. In this day in the business world, there is always someone trying to take your spot, take your clientele, or take your market. Investing in digital marketing, resourceful staff, assets, continuous education, and training your business branding is what will fill their eyes. With these pieces in place, your company’s mission and vision can then fill their hearts.
The way you look matters more than you think. Get your business prepared to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you have a local business, you are trying to grow, or a mid-size company you’re working to expand internationally or nationwide, presentation is your first attention grabber. Make sure you turn heads in every way possible by digital, physical and traditional marketing. Now, make them fall in love with your business by making them notice you first.
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