Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures, Or Do They

Most decisions are not binary, and there are usually better answers waiting to be found if you do the analysis and involve the right people. – Jamie Dimon 

The hashtag digital marketing is trending across all channels of social media. While we don’t know the exact numbers, we know companies have invested (or spent because the ROI is sometimes questionable) a ton of money in digital marketing during the pandemic.  

That’s not a bad thing. But let’s be real. Depending on the services you offer, putting all your eggs in the digital basket may not be the way to go.  

We had a strategy call with a client at the beginning of March. He was overly concerned about SEO and keywords. His web developer was on the call with us and asked a great question, “Do you think SEO and key words are going to help you more than reaching out to your network?”  

We are not here to dispute the effectiveness of digital marketing, SEO, and key words. They are important. But they cannot be your only strategy.  

It is no surprise that the pandemic changed how we do business – and how we get new business. In-person networking and relationship building has taken a hit, but that does not mean you can’t “work” your network! 

So, what does all of this mean? 

Any marketing plan needs to contain a comprehensive strategy comprised of content, paid advertising (print, digital, social, television, etc.), social media, website, direct outreach (both old fashioned mail and & email), media, and public relations – and they need to be coordinated.  

If you are not handling this on your own, make sure the agency you hire is not promising you results that sound too good to be true. We have seen SEO companies getting extra aggressive in recent months. Our assumptions are that because there is much financial uncertainty, demand for some consumer services is down a bit due to the pandemic and people not being out and about as much. Therefore, some of these service providers feel the pinch and are feeling a little desperate, making them perfect prey for digital marketing and SEO companies right now. If you are feeling vulnerable, be cautious when approached by these “miracle” workers.  

If someone figured out how to get you on the first page of Google’s search results for a relevant search term using valid methods, they would be living a phenomenal, stress-free life in a dream location – not cold calling you. 

The agency you work with should understand your industry as well as any ethics or compliance rules. The services you receive should be tailored to you – not a cookie-cutter plan that they use on every client they have in your industry.  

As for networking – there is nothing more powerful than the group of people who know, like, and trust you.  

This doesn’t mean you have to have a virtual happy hour with everyone you meet. Be a connector – introduce someone you met to someone else in your network. Connect with new people – people that make sense for you to know – on LinkedIn. Add new contacts to your marketing list/CRM. Send your connections something of interest – for example, if someone in your network is a Syracuse basketball fan, send them an article on the team or congrats if they win a game. Go Orange! 


• Nothing happens overnight. 

• Build marketing into your to-do list.  

• Walk before you run.  

• If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

• Ask for help if you need it. 

ESQuisite Marketing is a professional service marketing agency headquartered in the Lehigh Valley with clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Florida.  

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