You’ve Got the Appointment… Now what?!

by Denny Corby

Last article we talked about what to do once you have their business card. Shooting them an email or a phone call, sending them a hand written note, and connecting with them on social media. Now if you did that correctly and made a real connection with a great first impression, you should have landed your self a meeting, a coffee date, etc. Here are three things you can do to make this time matter.


Yes, you read that correctly.  You’re not going to sell you, your company, or products.  You want to build lots of trust and value with this person.  Now if they are a hot prospect and express interest in what you offer, then by all means sell. But, use this time to learn more about this person on a personal and professional. I like to create friendships and help people as much as I can.  As a result of this usually means business for you in the long run.

2 Ask LOTS of questions

If you meet at their office, request a tour to learn about them and their company.  People are proud of their jobs and usually, love to show it off.  As a side note, I love going to different businesses to learn and see what they do.  Especially if it’s manufacturing and distributing, I find that whole process fascinating. When you ask, dig deeper into questions and listen.  You will usually get more information and find out their real needs and wants. Which in the long run will help you see how you can serve them. Not just think of how you can help but also how you can connect them with people who can assist them too.

3 Send them business

Spending all that time with them, you should now know who they serve, who serves them, and who their competition is. Now that you know who their best type of client is, send them business!  We’re connected to so many people I’m sure you can send them a few referrals or some business who can buy what they sell.  Just something as simple as a an email connecting the two. The email should explain what each person does and why they would benefit from knowing each other.

That’s it, seems simple, doesn’t it.  That’s because it is.  Why don’t more people do this you ask? I think it’s because they are playing the short game and want the instant gratification instead of playing the long game.  Trying to build trust and value before going in for the sale. Remember it pays off to be more interested than interesting!

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