The Ultimate Opportunity

by Miriam Bridgeman

Many of us based on the business we are in are always looking for the opportunity to make the next deal or acquire the next big sale that will push us to the next level. I love meeting new people via networking events, and I am truly curious about who they are, what they do and how they do it. It gives me a sense of who the person is, how they work, and it helps me to determine who I might be doing business with or referring my clients to. First impressions happen within 30 seconds of meeting someone but as we talk more we form a secondary perception of them. It turns into not a superficial look at who they are but a more intelligent look at who they Really are, and from there we can start to form a true opinion. I think of myself as a giving person, and I hope as you talk to me you get that impression. One thing that was lacking in my world of searching for the opportunity was the opportunity to give back. I took the time to determine where I was in my life and no matter where I looked I felt in a word; blessed. It was time to turn that blessing into a service to others.
The statistics of people all around the world and in our community lacking basic needs was daunting. Where could I start or how could I help to provide for all the needs of the less fortunate? Every charity you find seemingly only has one role or mission in providing a need. I came across a charity that donates to multiple organizations and causes. Meals were being provided for children, clean drinking water, breast cancer trials, support for veterans, literacy, behavioral therapy for children with autism, life-changing medications, and many more. How can one company provide all this and also manage to contribute locally? This was the ultimate opportunity. It offers a way to help the masses and create hope for those with little or no hope. Each charity that they contribute to has a 15-point vetting process. One caveat is that 85% of the donations must go to the cause allowing only 15% left for overhead costs. I signed up immediately to help their causes. They have donated over $3.0 million to charity in their 11 years in business. The impact that has been made is unbelievable. Almost 1.8 million meals provided, over 16,000 clinical trials for breast cancer, 6,500 veterans supported, 157,000 life-changing medications provided, close to 50,000 animals helped to find forever homes, and 50,000 people educated on heart health. The list goes on with several other amazing causes and additional donations to local charities.
This company is One Hope Wines. A charity-based wine company where each bottle goes to a specific charity. I know what you’re thinking, charity and wine – usually one aspect is lacking, but in this case, they have it figured out. Both the charities they donate to, and the wines they create are top notch. This is a fantastic way to meet with friends and drink delicious wine while giving back. The ultimate opportunity. We look for people to host a wine tasting party or an open house at your home or office. We educate you and your guests on the diverse types of wines, tasting each and share the charitable impact the wine offers. You enjoy a leisurely afternoon or evening with some great friends, family, and clients while giving back. Any orders from the party offer up a 10% donation to a local charity you select. Corporate gifting with branding options available as well as fundraising for your specific cause. This is the ultimate opportunity. Contact us at or visit our website at

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