Why United Healthcare Should Be Your Medicare Insurer

by Miriam Bridgeman

Did you know that the baby boomer generation consists of people born in the years 1946 to 1964?  This is the biggest generation by far.  The first boomers started turning 65 in 2011 and they won’t stop until 2029!  Why is this important?  There are 10,000 boomers turning 65 each day for the next 7 years!  If you are in the senior markets with your business, you can help educate and attain clients just by marketing to this target.  I am in the business of Medicare.  Medicare is insurance for people 65 and older.  Meeting the insurance needs of these clients is unique and presents a huge opportunity.  This group is bombarded with tons of mailers, commercials, flyers, and phone calls as soon as they turn 65 from various Medicare agents and carriers.  The anxiety some seniors feel deciding on the perfect plan for their future is intense.  I’ve taken the task of helping educate my clients about Medicare so they can make the right decision for their health and wealth.  Who do you trust to help you make the right decision in this uncertain time?  Talk to a certified Medicare agent who can walk you through the alphabet soup of options to help you understand your personal situation. 

The company I chose to work with is United Healthcare (UHC).  Why United Healthcare, you ask?  They have the biggest pool of Medicare participants in the country.  UHC can adjust the risk of their participants due to the sheer volume of people they insure – risk can be spread across many insurers.  In the insurance world this is a good thing!  This keeps prices stable and benefits top notch.  They are a nationwide company that covers the entire country with their plans.  Their Medicare Supplements are endorsed by AARP which is the only Medicare carrier to have this designation.  UHC offers support and resources to their agents as well as consumers.  Agents can help clients with a variety of questions and can offer additional support as needed.  UHC is a stable, competitive, and well-known product that offers security to all who join their plans.  They pay their providers within a week of receiving their invoices after approval.  They pride themselves on offering great benefits tied with great service to members and providers they work with.  Looking at their wide network of providers, they aren’t just zip code based if you travel domestically, there’s a good chance if you need an in-network doctor or facility you would likely find one where you are traveling.  

United Healthcare is part of United Health Group, which is the largest health insurance company in the United States by total members as well as revenue.  In 2023, UHC ranked number 10 on the Fortune 500 Employers List.  Among the other rankings Amazon, FedEx, Home Depot – no other insurance companies made the top ten.  This strength and stability are shown in their products and services they offer.  Each year their benefits get better and better, offering additional benefits to their members.  UHC listens to the feedback from their customers and agents on how to improve their services and benefits.

I’ve worked with United Healthcare for more than seven years.  Their consistent product offerings, stability in rate increases, customer service, agent services, ability to show growth and forward thinking in this ever-changing environment has always been bar none above the rest.  I continue to support and offer my clients the best utilizing all that UHC has to offer.

If you are on Medicare and haven’t shopped since you first became eligible perhaps it’s time for a checkup.  A checkup on your health insurance to make sure it’s providing all that it should.  Life changes, health changes, circumstances change, and you deserve to receive the best benefits, service and treatment there is to offer.  If you’re not quite 65 but thinking about what Medicare looks like, set up a time to get educated.  Bridgeman Strategic Concepts offers an environment of learning and education on product offerings so you can understand and make decisions that are best for your situation.  If you are a professional that works in the senior markets and have been asked Medicare questions from clients – partner with us.  Let us show you how Medicare works and provide a trustworthy partner to share with your clients.  If you are an insurance agent and not offering Medicare in your suite of products, contact us – you’re missing the boat.  We can show you how to get certified, educated, and ready to sell.

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