Winter Wonders for your Skin

by David Vasily

Winter is often the time to wear layers and cover up. Believe it or not; it’s actually the best time of year to focus on improving your skin. Many cosmetic dermatology treatments take a series of sessions to get the best results, and no one will ever know what you’re doing since you’re dressed for winter! Here are four different conditions we commonly treat this time of year:

1 Sun Damage

As we age, our skin ages with us. Irregularities in pigmentation, called liver spots or age spots, can form. Skin loses youthful tension and collagen, creating wrinkles, and exposure to the sun can give us irregularities called sun spots. Laser Skin Rejuvenation is the process of bringing youthful firmness and complexion to skin that has suffered aging, wrinkles, or sun damage, and restoring a young-looking appearance and youthful feel to the skin.

Addressing your skin concerns during a consultation can help us create a customized solution to rejuvenate your skin. A combination of the highly sophisticated skin care products and the latest laser and light sources for rejuvenation of your skin will be recommended and a timeline established.

2 Spider Veins

If you cover up your legs during the summer because of unsightly (and sometimes uncomfortable) spider veins, winter is an excellent time to treat. Spider veins typically appear on the face or legs and inherit their name from the blue or red spider web shape they take. Since it’s good to have options, we have many lasers at Aesthetica for the treatment of leg veins and spider veins including the visible light V-Beam® Perfecta Pulsed dye laser and Palomar’s Icon™ System. A number of long-pulsed YAG lasers, the Cool Touch Varia V3 laser, and Cutera Excel V laser, are also utilized in treating leg veins.

3 Hair Removal

If you’re sick of shaving or waxing, laser hair removal makes good sense for you. It’s fantastic for people with brown hair and can be performed on the legs, underarms, and bikini line. In fact, I was one of the first physicians in the United States to perform laser hair removal and actively participated in the development of effective treatment parameters for this procedure. Currently, we are using Palomar’s Icon™ system as the primary treatment tool at our Bethlehem office. The Icon system utilizes the revolutionary SkinTel system that performs exact pigment typing that allows for optimized and safe laser parameters. We also have solutions reserved for resistant hair in patients with darker skin types. It’s one of the very first treatments we offered at our practice, and we continue to run specials to make it cost effective (look for one in early 2017).

4 Body Contouring

If you enjoyed a little too much holiday cheer, Aesthetica offers excellent solutions for body contouring. While they aren’t for weight loss, our new Exilis Ultra, Cellutone® and the Viora Reaction systems are used to treat stubborn spots that don’t respond to diet and exercise. We can address lax upper arm skin, baby belly ” pooch,” love handles, “bra fat,” waist and belly areas, “saddle bags,” and cellulite!

As always, it’s best to come in so we can customize a solution for your specific treatments. The right time to get started is now to allow yourself ample time to get ready for summer 2017.

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