What Direction Are You Taking Your Business?

by Scott Bartkus

For nearly two decades, I have had the privilege of working with corporations and small businesses on their legal needs, as well as experiencing my own entrepreneurial ventures.  As I journeyed down the path of capitalistic dreams and helped others pursue theirs, I saw many succeed, and many fail.  I often wondered what the difference between the two extremes was?  It seemed like a very fine line.  On paper, everything was set up perfectly – the business plan, the work ethic, marketing, reserve capital, etc. Yet, over time, some businesses profit, while other failed drastically.
Many of us know that success at any organization starts with leadership.  But many business leaders fail to recognize that their very own projection of energy through the manifestation of their own thoughts could be the determining factor of becoming a millionaire or facing financial ruins.
In my new book to be released this Spring, “ Decide. Believe Change.”, I explore the concept of the two driving energy factors in this world – positive and negative. We as individuals have no choice but to gravitate to one of these forces.  We do, however, have a choice as to which.  Whether we decide to focus on negative or positive energy, it all stems from our focus on a belief we have, which leads to our decisions.
It’s certainly not easy having your own business and being a business leader.  To say all one has to do is focus on your goal, is an understatement and comical at best.  Yes, there is truth to this fact.  But how many times is it impossible to focus on your business goals when you have a minimal cash flow to pay your bills, employees who are not doing their job and giving you attitude, the customer who enjoys writing bad reviews online, or the Taxman knocking at your door?
While a business leader may start out with the positive outlook and energy to succeed, the daily grind and issues that try to prevent any individual from succeeding, sadly often drop an anchor in our progressive thought process.  This, in turn, leads to a focus on fear and doubt.  “What if I can’t make payroll this week?”, “If I fire a certain employee, a good number of customers are going to be mad.  Plus, will I find a replacement?”, or “I won’t be able to pay our primary vendor, so how can I continue ordering from them?”
The issues that lead to fear and doubt, certainly cannot be ignored, but as business leaders, we can not allow them to be our focus.  If we do, we will be projecting a manifestation of a world (our business) that will have these negative energies drawn to it.  This will ultimately lead to a downfall.  There will not be a drive to success in our corporate culture, but a lingering fear of what tomorrow brings.  If we can, however, register these negative factors in our minds as simply obstacles that will be addressed, and focus on the energy and positive excitement one had when their business venture was in its inception, we will find success one day closer and not further.  The negative obstacles will be conquered and not overcome us.
Negative factors will always be present.  That’s what balances out this world.  But remember, your thought process has a choice – either follow the negative that tries to take hold of you and your future to lead to self-destruction or foster the positive energies and the focus on successes of this world that you deserve.  Let the negatives simply be obstacles you will get around in order to meet your goal(s), and remain focused on the big picture of success that energized you on day one. So, you need to ask yourself – what direction are you leading your business?

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