Vaccinated and Ready to Travel!

by Jennifer Doncsecz
people traveling with mask on

As the world begins to reopen post the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more countries require that visitors show proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Requiring vaccination status is not unusual. Many countries have had policies in place listing essential vaccinations as requisite for entry. Typhoid and Yellow Fever Vaccinations are often required for travel to several countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.  

If you are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and are ready to travel, here are my top 5 destinations that make entry easy for those who are vaccinated.

1: Barbados. In May 2021, Barbados eased quarantine requirements for those who are vaccinated, thus paving the way for this destination to realistically reopen and start attracting tourism. If you are looking to travel to Barbados, my resort recommendation is Sandals Barbados as it is one of only 4 places on the entire island that offers covid testing (for free), which is a necessary requirement to return back to the USA.

2: Iceland. On April 6, 2021, Iceland broke away from the European Union’s closed borders declaration. It announced that fully vaccinated individuals could now arrive without quarantines in place. This announcement sparked a surge in hotel reservations and has made Iceland one of the most popular places to travel to in 2021. Fun fact, the population of the entire country of Iceland is roughly the same as the Lehigh Valley! 

3: Tahiti. Last July, Tahiti reopened with multiple Covid test requirements in place for those visiting French Polynesia. Following an increase in Covid cases, this country opted to again close its borders in February 2021. Because tourism fuels the economy of Tahiti, the government decided to reopen on May 1, 2021, but in doing so, they mandated that all visitors arriving need to show proof of being fully vaccinated for Covid.

4: Greece. On April 19th, following 14 months of border closures, Greece announced that they are reopening. Those who are fully vaccinated will not have to test for Covid prior to arrival, nor will quarantine requirements be in place. This move came as the majority of Europe has been dealing with the second wave of Covid cases, and many European countries have put lockdowns in place again. TIP: if you are planning to go to Greece, many of the national monuments and museums have implemented reduced operating times. They have capped the amount of people they will let in daily. I suggest you skip Athens and go to the beach areas in the Greek Isles instead. 

5: The Bahamas. Traveling to the Bahamas just got easier for those who are vaccinated. On May 1st, the Bahamian government removed the required pre-arrival Covid test for fully vaccinated individuals. Unlike Barbados, the Bahamas is not requiring those who are unvaccinated to quarantine for 5-7 days. Unvaccinated visitors to the Bahamas still need to show proof of a negative Covid test prior to arrival, but they do not need to quarantine. The mega Atlantis resort in Nassau lobbied for the government to not require the vaccine for all visitors so that families with young children, who are not yet approved to get the Covid Vaccine, can still travel to the Bahamas this summer.

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