The REAL ESTATE Market; Buy Dirt

by Jason Breidinger

Country music star Jordan Davis released a song in the year 2021 titled ‘Buy Dirt.’ In this song, Davis illustrates the flashback of an 80-year-old’s advice to a youngster who is planning and trying to get ahead; I’m “chasing a dollar,” says the young boy to the old man.

The elder replies, “If you want my two cents on making a dollar count, buy dirt.” In the song, this advice pours out while drinking a cup of coffee on the front porch. It goes on. Don’t get stuck climbing rung after rung on the ladder. Rather, spend time “finding the things that matter, finding the one you can’t live without, do what you love and call it work. And…Buy Dirt.

If you listen to the entire song, the mores, and folkways of the elder’s approach to how that’s achieved may align or differ from yours or mine. That’s to be expected. The principles he speaks of, however, are principles that are a part of the American Dream we all share. Finding what matters in life, sharing life with those you enjoy, finding a career that is gratifying, and owning Real Estate are the very ingredients that go into what we all use to define wealth.

In the first class taught by every real estate instructor, the definition of Real Estate is issued. Real Estate is defined as land ownership. Along with that land ownership comes its permanent improvements. A house, for example. I/we/they bought a ‘house.’

It is in the definition of Real Estate that we find the simplicity of the elder’s advice. Buy Dirt.

In other words, get started. Don’t just get on the ladder; find a place to put the ladder and climb with confidence and purpose. Real Estate remains the main ingredient of wealth for us all. A place to live, grow and achieve the dreams we define. It’s the foothold of personal achievement, not the pinnacle.

Real Estate has value in a market. Markets rise and fall. Many get lost in the details of whether that market is rising or falling. Countless times we look for a balance. Over my 25 years of experience, balance has been found only while the real estate market is approaching an increase or approaching a decrease in values. Overall, though, the real estate market does fall near its previous value cycle over a cycle. What does that mean? It means it retains an overwhelming percentage of its gain. Yes, we need a place to live. Our place… from the moment the Magna Carta was signed.

It means that over time you’ll be glad that you bought dirt – not a car, not a motorcycle, not a boat, not a camper, and not a timeshare… D I R T.

I’ve been amazed at how smart my father seems to have become as I’ve grown older. My guess is that he hasn’t changed much; I have. If a youngster can listen to an elder early enough, they’ll learn what I’ve learned.

New generations face the same struggles as the older generations. It’s just that those struggles personify themselves differently while the tools at our disposal constantly evolve. Time-honored principles are our best, and only tether as that world swirls around us. Snake oil sales on the back of the wagon have been replaced by YouTube videos. The question that comes to mind after drawing such a parallel is how lucky could we be to learn earlier rather than later? Stay principled, buy dirt, and hang around awhile. You’ll enjoy the result.

We can easily agree that the Real Estate market in the past handful of years has been tenacious. Especially if you’re a buyer. Those that have taken the advice of the elder and bought dirt, aren’t they the beneficiaries? Those who benefited most decided to buy, and for a period of years, not getting rich quick. Living in the mindset of long-term appreciation, not a short-term rental. Getting rich quickly is just chasing a dollar, and that can be done in many other places. Bitcoin, for example.

As is with all tension, we find good solutions to real problems. New financing programs allow buyers to receive unprecedented levels of assistance toward down payment and closing costs, annual federal income tax credits, and business practices that are more trustworthy than ever. The silver lining. These improvements will last for a very long time and will be there for you when you need them. You’ll experience benefits those that came before you couldn’t have contemplated. That’s not an argument for waiting for the next great thing. It’s good growth. The type of growth benefits all who operate in the real estate market. An argument to grab your ladder and start looking to place it in your own dirt.

If you have not purchased Real Estate, don’t worry; your time is coming, and it’s safe to assume the time-honored principle of owning Real Estate will outlast any current market condition. If you’re looking for a real estate boom… own for a while… an increase will certainly come your way. Unearned income.

Mortgage America has again been ranked #1 in the State of Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. This 2021 ranking marks 7 of the last 9 years. We are locally owned since 1980 and have achieved that ranking by providing reliable, responsible service in the Lehigh Valley to what we have found matters most; you. We finance first-time buyers using all the newest, safest services and benefits. We finance those who already own homes to their next stage. We do so in all price ranges; small and large. If you have the need for FHA, VA, USDA, or a Conventional loan, we have one that will fund your perfect dirt. We are at the instruction of you and your real estate agent. These are our principles.

It’s safe to say you’ll hear many opinions. It’s the wrong or right time to buy/sell. Interest rates are too high, or interest rates aren’t low enough yet. This list is endless and will never cease. Those are certainly rungs on a ladder and dollars to chase. Rather, now knowing the definition of Real Estate… ask yourself where are you putting your ladder? Is it on your dirt or someone else’s? Because, if it’s on someone else’s, it’s they who benefit from the efforts of your climb.

Call a real estate broker that you trust. Find that real estate agent through a family member, through a trusted friend, a trusted professional, or a trusted coworker. A good real estate agent will guide you through the current market trends and do well to direct you in a positive direction. They’ll point out the pros and cons and advise you on negotiating in your best interests. Would you navigate the medical community without a referral or a medical professional? Not in the percentages. As is with all long-term, important decisions, get the right professional at your side. A real estate broker helps you buy or sell based on your specific needs and wants.

The song lyrics bring one final and very important point to light. One we’ve all heard, know very well, often ignore, and should remember… “You can’t buy happiness.”

But you can buy DIRT. You just have to take the old man’s advice.

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