The Forecast

by Jason Breidinger

Just over a year ago, the month of November brought our area a snowstorm, a weather pattern called a nor’easter.  The forecasters told all of us it was coming.  The television was alive with color-coded spinning swirls, and the weather forecasters were vivaciously sending the message… forces outside of our control are on the way; be ready.

The storm came. 

Inches of snow, piles of snow landed quickly.  In a single moment, people and their cars were stuck in place. Some were stuck for under an hour, and some were stuck for hours and hours.  Some handled the situation with grace and patience, while others dealt with the situation with contentment.  Some went out of their way to help their fellow man while others managed to help only themselves.  Some, given the circumstances, behaved with common sense, while others clearly did not.

Whether spectator or participant, everyone reached a meeting of the minds on one single solitary notion…. where were our services?

Why wasn’t the road prepped in advance with that top-secret mixture that eats away the bottom of our cars?  Why weren’t the plows circulating to scrape up the very first flake that tried to accumulate on the surface of our causeways?  Why weren’t we given the clearest straightest possible path to our desired destination?

It’s not the early 1900’s it’s the early 2000’s; we have the best-looking color-coded spinning swirls ever imagined, and yet everyone was stuck.

Have you thought about the fact that each and every one of those fighting the nor’easter spectate or participate within our local real estate market in very much the same way?  During a real estate transaction, we see examples of grace, patience, contentment, help, and hopefully common sense; moreover, the same fundamental expectation for services is in place.

The current market has fewer homes for sale than buyers who are looking to buy them.  Multiple offers are commonplace. Supply is lower than demand driving the value of homes higher through competition.

Housing is strong.

In the year 2020, information, data, and reports about the real estate market will be found everywhere and in bulk. Advertising apps wear service as their mask and rest assured the industry will continue to make things appear like the path is easily traveled, with the touch of a finger.

More colored circles than ever.

Still, negotiations need to take place, the inspections have to be scheduled, title insurance needs to be cleared, and financing must be handed over timely, all on a silver platter and at the right temperature.

That means people need services. Who preps the path; before the buyer or seller finds themselves in the thick of it?  Who plows the way while the struggle takes place?  So, they don’t get stuck, so they get home safely; we do.

For almost 40 years, Mortgage America has provided Local Loans for Local Homes.

Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, swing, bridge, construction, first-time buyer with assistance programs that reduce the burden of seller assist, no down payment options, and jumbo loans with attractive rates and terms.  We directly underwrite and service your loan.  The majority of our approvals are issued without the need for the buyer to sell their home before they buy.

At Mortgage America, time is taken to ensure you can focus on negotiations without fear of the unknown.  Many of our employees have been with us for over 30 years.  Our average closing occurs within 35 days, we often close in just eight days, and we wire the money to the title company early.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency ranks us #1 in the State Pennsylvania year after year after year.

What apps don’t tell you is that a home purchase is negotiated 3 times.  One is at the start, twice during inspections and third at the final walkthrough prior to closing.  All the while, it’s the Real Estate Broker/Agent who will oversee every single aspect, speaking with the 15- 20 different people who work independently of one another; to consummate the transaction.  The Real Estate Broker/Agent keeps all of that functioning properly (they prep and plow daily) so that you can’t get stuck.

Seller’s, it’s a very good time to sell.  Marketing times are measured in days, not weeks.  Call a real estate agent today. They know the local market…they’ve seen the inside of the homes you are considering.  They compare them to others by actually walking through them… their experience provides the leadership, guidance, and a multitude of talents the colored circles can only aspire to achieve.

A new year is upon us.  Make the resolution to call a Real Estate Broker and Mortgage America.  We won’t just give you the forecast; we’ll provide the actual services that ensure you weather any storm.

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