by Jennifer Schimmel

Common misconceptions about real estate teams, “I will just get shuffled off to someone else and won’t get that one on one attention.” Wrong!

Regardless of the service you are seeking whether it’s an accountant, attorney, doctor or real estate team, in almost all cases there is a team behind that professional or in our case professionals!

Just because we are a team doesn’t mean we are too busy for you, it just means we are able to serve you even better! We want to leverage our time efficiently so our focus can expand for our clients!

As independent agents but functioning as a team we want to focus on what matters the most; getting you that DREAM house and/or getting you the most money along with the best terms for that home you want to sell! Each agent may have their own role but you are never shuffled to someone else. We value you, your feelings, your hard earned money and your sanity!

How do we leverage our time so that we function as True Professionals ready to hunt, capture and close your next real estate transaction?

This is a behind the scenes look of a very basic team setup.

Buyer’s Agent
The role of a buyer’s agent is just that; in most cases they solely work with clients just on the purchasing side of a real estate transaction. The relationship you build with your buyer’s agent is very important! They are here for you 24/7 as your confidential, in-disposable, experienced, ethical and loyal representative.

What you don’t tell them, can weigh in on whether you get that home of your dreams or not! They are like stealth agents, they will find out if you are cheating on them or opening up lines of credit to buy those amazing lipstick red, front end loading washer and dryers!
They are highly trained in every aspect of a home purchase.

Starting with connecting you to one of our amazing local lenders to ensure you are pre-approved and understand your financial obligations.

Guiding you through the home search process and giving their highest professional opinion of comparable homes in the area. As well as giving their opinion of the condition and any updates or repairs the home may need.

Preparing the best offer with you and making sure you understand all terms and the process.

Walking you through the inspection process and again connecting you with a local home inspector that is ASHI certified.

Working with all parties involved to figure out a solution for any issues that may arise or repairs that may be needed from an inspection or appraisal.

Ensuring your mortgage commitment date is met, title search is complete and free of any liens.

Communicating with all parties involved throughout the entire transaction.

Lastly, the buyer’s agent role is to make sure the home is delivered to you in the same condition as the first time you fell in love with it and most importantly are on time for settlement!

There are many hurdles that can arise throughout any transaction outside of the ones listed above. It takes years of experience to know how to work through them, not panic and have them resolved in a timely manner. Buyer’s agents are ready, willing and able to stand up for you and your best interest! We are here to make sense of every step you take and to make sure you make a smart investment.

Your Buyer’s Agent is just as excited as you are to start that new chapter of your life in your new home! They want you to remember them for their commitment to you, their hard work and this milestone you just accomplished!

Listing Agents
We make it LOOK so easy!

While there are many steps involved in selling a home, one thing it’s not, is easy! Listing agents deal with every aspect of just selling a home while in some cases you also may see them wearing the Buyer’s Agent hat at times.

Your sanity is important to us! Our sanity is important to us and that’s why we have a highly effective assistant that keeps us on point every day! The difference is we have 16 plus years of experience that can’t be cloned or even taught. This is all for your benefit.

Outside of our aggressive marketing, buyers flocking to your door, retrieving feedback and sorting through multiple offers, there are many ways a perfectly solid agreement can fall apart. Especially if you have to sell a home in order to buy your next home!

There are so many moving parts in real estate beyond the creative marketing ideas and services that we offer exclusively to our clients. I could go on and on but this article would turn into a book. Everything is customized therefore meeting with a client in their home, in person, is really the most efficient way to start a real estate relationship off on the right track!

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