In 2002 Edge Restaurant was introduced to the Lehigh Valley. Chef Timothy Widrick has been the driving engine behind our success; using classical French technique with worldly inspirations, he has made a name for himself. We are a family-owned restaurant, and it is our mutual passion for food, service, and drinks, that brings us all together. For years, the owning team was looking for the perfect location to expand our brand and in 2020 they opened SURV Restaurant. With this new restaurant, the Lotus Restaurant Group was formed. Our logo symbolizes the culmination of the owning partners. The Lotus is a beautiful flower that blooms in the most unlikely of environments. It symbolizes rebirth, unwavering faith, and tenacity. At the center is Executive Chef Timothy Widrick with his knives, and the petals each represent the additional partners of our company. Karen Widrick is our Director of Operations; she is the heart of our day-to-day operations. Whether it’s coaching and development of staff or ordering the supplies needed to run our restaurants efficiently, her expertise and care are present everywhere. Spencer Cobb, Director of Business Development, manages the analytic processes of the business and the growth of the restaurant group. His leadership encourages us to always think outside the box, adapt and evolve. Carissa Cobb, Director of Guest Experience is the final petal. It is her creative vision and passion for superior service that blends everything together. This gives us the aesthetic and vibe that is felt the moment you cross the threshold. 

Mission Statement 

Through a shared dedication to excellence, we are committed to creating an impressive dining experience for our guests. Our attention to detail starts in the kitchen and is carried throughout the entire restaurant. Everything we do, we do with unwavering passion, precision, and excellence. 

Vision Statement 

A sexy, hip, chic and edgy restaurant that pushes the boundaries of what is expected from fine dining. Our vibe is fun, energetic, welcoming, and cool- never stuffy or snobby. We believe that our attention to details both inside and outside of the kitchen is what has fueled our success. Guests from any age group will leave with a new appreciation for food, service, and ambiance. 

Core Values 

Hospitality- This is our home, and we welcome everyone into it as such. 

Cleanliness- Our attention to cleanliness is a cornerstone to longevity. 

Creativity- Taking classical food and service and putting our take on it. We work in an ever-evolving industry and we strive to be on the cutting edge. 

Willingness- We push ourselves every day to exceed expectations and create raving fans. 

Passion- It is through a common passion for food, drinks and service that will continue to make us successful. 

Family- We welcome all our staff to be part of the Lotus group family. We may not agree on everything but as long as we agree that we can find a solution together success is inevitable. 

Consistency- It is through a consistent level of execution that we have become a namesake in our community. 

Value- We want to continue to provide a product to our guests with exceptional value. We are a business, but nothing will be compromised for profit.

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