Lehigh Valley Real Estate in 2021; a Rainmaker Personified

by Jason Breidinger

On September 6, 2021, John Bacon of USA TODAY described the moisture that moved over the northeastern United States from Hurricane Ida as a historic rainmaker. Inches of rain filling rivers and streams.  We witnessed the abundance, the overflow, and the unprecedented volume.  We measured the tidewaters.   

Merriam-Webster defines a rainmaker as a person whose influence can initiate or progress or ensure success.  Someone who can raise the tide.  Our local real estate market has done exactly that.  We are witnessing the abundance.  The risen tide.  The American Dream of homeownership has again produced a cycle of value that has exceeded the cycle prior.  

The real estate market in the Lehigh Valley is strategically placed between New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.  Yes.  That is true.  Our market has become one where it is practical for many to work in the city but return to the preferred lifestyle of our Lehigh Valley, particularly now that working from home has become a reality when once purely pontificated.  Equally as important is our Lehigh Valley’s reach to New York Harbor, Baltimore Harbor, parts of Ohio, portions of the Great Lakes, and even Canada by the logistical geniuses that send and receive goods from our warehouses and light industry.  Many of these destinations are visited only to return within a day’s time.  It’s no wonder we’ve seen headquarters for many major companies along with distribution centers for many others set foot here.  Federal Express and Amazon to name the 2 most recent after the likes of Olympus and Lutron.  More will come. 

In 1997 I began working as a real estate agent for 16 years.  In 2013 a passion for banking took over.  These are all I’ve come to know.  Having lived and worked in our real estate market for almost 30 years, I’ve seen it proven that ownership is necessary.  Overall, it is our main conduit to wealth.  Sure, if there’s room in the budget, you’ll put into retirement, especially if you’ve got an employer that participates along with you.  A place to live, though, that’s a necessity and if you’re going to live, make an effort to own. When the tide rises and the overflow comes (and they always do), you’ll be glad you did.   

Buy a home. 

The first call to make is to your real estate agent.  Your real estate agent will guide you along the process.  The process of buying a home and navigating the real estate market is an involved one, and you’ll need someone at your side to accomplish that.  Technology can and will certainly play a role, but it cannot do the real work, nor can it properly weave the layers of what’s necessary to keep your transaction together.  The tapestry of your wealth should be woven with those whom you trust and want to be held accountable. 

For 40 years, Mortgage America has been providing Local Loans for Local Homes.  We’ve supported buyers and sellers with local service, personal service, and accountability, all while being one of the top places to work in the Lehigh Valley.  All very important.  We offer Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo loan programs.  Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you now and seeing your future.

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