Knowledge is Power when suffering from Hair Loss

by Trisha Strucke

Non-surgical Hair Replacement for Men and Women has become increasingly more popular among all age groups due to its ease of care and the undetectable appearance. Did you know approximately 35 million men and about 20 million women suffer from hair loss? Many people have a false idea of the costs associated with hair replacement services, and therefore, never take the time to speak with a specialist. There are many options available today to restore your hair within almost any budget. A client can produce a photo of a haircut or style and take a natural-looking hair system that perfectly integrates into your existing hair to create that look you want. Richard Kroll Total Image Salon has been delivering that creation to Men and Women for over 40+ years in the Lehigh Valley. The full-service salon offers two entrances for both ease and privacy. The salon offers a full range of solutions for everyone depending on the needs and circumstances at hand. Items available, but not limited to, are 100% Human and Synthetic Cranial Prosthesis, full wigs and human hair systems, Women’s Toppers, as well as a line of exclusive hair extensions designed to produce healthy hair growth.  All hair replacement customers are serviced in a private back room where they can be out of the public eye.

How do you know if you are a candidate for hair replacement? Typically, when you start to notice the regression of hair loss in specific areas or all over, this will raise concern for anyone. The most important thing to do is schedule a private consultation with someone who truly has the background and knowledge to deal with hair loss. This type of consultation will cover a wide range of topics from your current lifestyle, that may be attributing to the loss, or even taking a more in-depth look into your medical history. Once the root of the problem is revealed, you can then have an idea of what can be done to slow down the hair loss or to create a new look utilizing several forms of hair replacement options. Richard Kroll Total Image can custom create a look to ensure everything is undetectable and that you can still live an active lifestyle with virtually zero restrictions while living your life with more confidence. The salon specializes in all types of causes of hair loss ranging from chemotherapy & radiation patients, trichotillomania, lupus, gastric bypass surgery patients, hormonal changes, thyroid conditions, stress, burns, accident, head trauma victims and natural thinning. In most instances, depending on the cause of your hair loss, medical insurance may cover a portion of the costs associated with hair replacement.

Richard Kroll Total Image also deals with pre- and post-chemotherapy patients. When someone calls and needs information on purchasing a wig, they are given a private consultation where their concerns can be addressed and allows us to find the right fit for them. We customize that medical wig to be as close to their hairstyle and color as they are accustomed. The salon strives and takes great pride in knowing they can get a wig to be almost an exact replica of the client’s hair prior to any radiation or chemotherapy treatments. The wigs are designed solely for the comfort and sensitivities of the scalp while giving a secure fit and maintaining a completely natural look.

Another form of hair rejuvenation the salon offers is Low-Level Laser Light Therapy, or “cool laser”, that effectively stimulates the scalp area and causes an increase in blood flow called photo-biostimulation. There is an increase in blood circulation by 54% after only one treatment. This form of hair rejuvenation has been cleared and approved by the FDA.

So, if you find yourself or someone you know in the situation of hair loss or thinning, take the first steps to schedule a consultation at Richard Kroll Total Image Salon and educate yourself on different options available to you.

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