Invisible Boundaries

by Michael Barrovecchio

My wife and I were blessed with two exciting additions to our family a few years ago. Cooper and Zeke came into our lives on a warm summer day after much anticipation. They were brand new Goldendoodle puppies, and we were not fully prepared!

We quickly realized that an Invisible Fence would be a wise investment. It would allow our puppies to enjoy outdoor freedom while keeping them safely on our property.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cooper and Zeke wear special collars that give them an audible warning signal if they get too close to the property line.
  • If they ignore the warning and continue to approach the boundary, they receive a mild electrical shock that is uncomfortable but not harmful.

Our puppies quickly learned to avoid discomfort by moving away from the boundary when they hear the warning.

One day I let Cooper and Zeke outside to play. All was well until I realized that I had forgotten to put their collars on them! They were free to roam wherever they pleased!

Fearing for their safety, I ran outside, frantically calling their names. To my pleasant surprise, Cooper and Zeke were contently sitting on the front lawn, surveying the neighborhood.

Even though they were free to explore the world, they were unaware of that freedom. They never challenged the physical boundary because the Invisible Boundary is now programmed into their minds!

Does this sound familiar?
Your Programming
Just like Cooper and Zeke, you and I were programmed at an early age. This programming comes from parents, teachers, and other authority figures, and it drives our belief in who we are and what we can achieve.

Some of our programming is good; some of it is bad. Either way, it defines our Invisible Boundaries.

Your Invisible Boundaries
What are the things that you desire but have been unable to achieve because something stops you?

When have you heard the warning signal and retreated back to safety instead of moving forward into freedom?

What would your life, relationships, and business be like if you could discover and crash through your Invisible Boundaries?

This is exactly what a Professional Performance Coach can help you do.

Coaching vs. Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring are different disciplines. Sports “coaches” are actually sports mentors.

Mentors teach. They tell you what to do, and that is valuable when lack of information is the challenge.

However, when striving to increase achievement and success, lack of information is rarely the challenge. There is most likely a lack of awareness – an Invisible Boundary.

Coaches don’t teach or tell you what to do. They know that YOU are the only expert of YOUR life, and they ask surgical, powerful questions that cause you to think deeply into your situation, increasing your awareness of your Invisible Boundaries and how to navigate past them to a more fulfilling path forward.

The Coaching Process

The Coaching process is a series of confidential conversations that raise awareness of the following:

  • Your Goals – What Do You (REALLY) Desire?
    • What is your Model of Perfection?
    • What does this look and feel like?
    • THINK BIG even though you don’t know all the steps to achievement.
  • Current State – What is Currently Happening?
    • What is your self-belief level?
    • What have you tried?
    • What results are you getting?
    • What assumptions are you making?
    • What are you avoiding?
    • What do you fear?
    • What is confusing or unclear?
  • Options – What Can You Do?
    • This is the start of your Action Plan
    • What steps can you take now to move toward your goal?
  • Action Plan – What Will You Do?
    • What next steps do you commit to take?
    • What obstacles do you expect?
    • What will you do to navigate past these obstacles?
    • How committed are you to this plan?
  • Accountability – What Did You Accomplish?
    • What went well?
    • What did not go well?
    • What did you avoid?
    • What stopped you?
    • What surprised you?

If you desire to permanently blast through your Invisible Boundaries and achieve your big goals, Coaching is an excellent next step for you.

About the Author

Michael Barrovecchio, President of CAPO Leadership Consulting and an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, believes that everyone has greatness on the inside. He Coaches individuals and teams to success by equipping them to engage that greatness and replace limitation with empowerment. He can be reached at 732-713-1900 or

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