How Flying Private Will Change the Way You Travel for Pleasure

by Katie Scott

Life is all about the memories you make.  Choosing to travel is high on the list for many who want to experience life to the fullest.  Whether it’s skiing in Vail or deep sea fishing in the Bahamas, the memories you make will stick with you and your family for the rest of your lives.  How you get there makes a difference and can affect the ultimate experience of your dream vacation.  Imagine the excitement of planning your ideal experience, from the perfect destination, your private dining choices, to the excursions you will take.  Now, start thinking about booking your flight.  You start by going to one of the “all-in-one .com’s.”  You select the dates you’d like to travel and up pops a list of airlines, departure/arrival airports, departure/arrival times, connections, layovers, seat selection, baggage parameters with additional fees.  You spend hours double checking dates, times, and fees and commit to an itinerary that includes 10 hours of flying on three different planes, leaving your house by 4 AM to make the first flight and arriving to begin your vacation just after dinner time.  Finally, your travel plans are set, you can relax.  Then, a week prior to your vacation, the airline calls to tell you that one of your flights has been canceled.  Back to square one! Can you rework the puzzle to make it work in time?  You finally manage to pull it all together and head off to your dream vacation.  You arrive and discover your luggage is somewhere between where you are and home.

Now imagine an entirely different experience.  One phone call or email to an Aircraft Management and Charter company, such as LR Services, is all it takes.  You start by telling them your destination, how many are flying, your preferred travel dates, and even the times you’d like to depart from home and for the return. With access to almost 5000 airports domestically and countless more internationally and in the Islands, there is usually an airport closer to where you want to be that may not be accessible by the airlines.  You oversee your itinerary without having to spend countless hours researching.  Your luggage is right there with you as well, with no chance of being left behind.

So, you’ve chosen your dream vacation spot and called an aircraft charter company.  Charter representatives are trained in many aspects of travel arrangements.  Not only will a private charter representative find you options for the most cost-effective aircraft to suit your needs, but they will also offer options such as upgrading to a larger cabin, a cabin with an enclosed lavatory or an aircraft that includes Wi-Fi to stay connected while onboard your flight.  Charter services don’t stop at only securing you the best aircraft for the mission.  They are also able to arrange ground transportation to be ready when you land.  Whether that is a limousine, a taxi, or a rental car, often your wheels on the ground can meet the aircraft upon landing, creating a seamless transition for you and your fellow passengers.  Do you have any special dietary needs to consider or want to indulge while miles high?  Catering is always available to your specific preferences.  With a network of catering providers across the United States and the Caribbean, enjoy whatever you would like in-flight, including organic, gluten free, or any other dietary needs you may have.  As always, the complimentary in-flight mini bar is at your disposal. With mixers available to make the perfect cocktail to enjoy as you relax in leather seats and take in the view from 30,000+ feet above.

Flying in a chartered aircraft changes the way you travel.  Gone are the days of showing up to the airport an hour or more prior to flight.  No need to arrive more than five minutes before you’d like to take-off.  The crew will assist with any luggage you may have, you will climb aboard the aircraft, and you will be on your way.  The luxury of an aircraft that flies on your schedule, to your destination, stocked with your favorites is the perfect way to bookend your high-end vacation experience!  It’s easier, faster, and smarter!

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