Fall Skin Care

by Dr. Wayne Saunders

The Essentials

As sun drenched bathing suit season transitions to the frost of Fall, most people are getting ready to pack away their summer clothes and pull on a sweater. Before you do, it’s time to evaluate what the summer sun did to your skin.

Start with a skin analysis using technology like the Can eld Visia System we have in our of ce. This special camera sees “under” your skin, reveal- ing damage unseen by the naked eye. It can identify sunspots, age spots, and wrinkles and gives you a peak at the future.

Once you have a true picture, there are a number of ways to reverse and slow the damage caused by sun exposure. While many face creams on the market promise results, we believe you’re better off with professional treatments. Facials, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and IPL light treatments all work alone or combined.

Facials are a perfect place to start. We’re especially fond of one called the HydraFacialTM. It pumps moisture back into the skin and can be tailored to all skin types. Follow up with the right skincare at home and invest in a ClairsonicTM brush to use once a day.

We also offer advanced, no downtime treatments with devices like the Clear + Brilliant PermeaTM, which is perfect for young patients, with mini- mal damage. It’s good for pores, texture, and ne lines. It’s a cumulative treatment, meaning the more times you do it, the better results you get.
If your skin needs more, IPL and Fractional laser light treatments can be customized to each and every skin issue. Because of our years in the medical research eld, we are able to offer a wide range of treatments to address the common signs of aging, including sagging skin around the face, ne lines and wrinkles, age spots, skin damage and scarring from trauma, sun exposure, or acne. The pulsed dye laser treats anything pink or red, like scars, rosacea, and broken capillaries. Fraxel Thulium focuses on texture, pore size, ne lines, and brown spots.

RF Microneedling, using devices like the Dermapen and In ni, allow us to infuse serums deep into the skin, adding the moisture the sun dried out. Downtime varies, but is usually minimal.

So why now? Fall is also the ideal time to start treatments that require a series of visits. With the help of advanced lasers, we can remove tattoos, tackle spider veins, remove hair, kill toenail fungus and even stop exces- sive sweating, but the truth is, all of these require time. The best time to start is now. While most patients start thinking of these kinds of things after the holidays, Spring is too late to start and expect optimum results.

One last piece of advice, the technology is changing constantly, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed when you start doing your own research. Like many medical treatments, it’s often better to tackle an issue with more than one device. Lasers are frequently used in combination with other therapies, and in this eld, timing is everything. Fall is the perfect time to start saving your skin.

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