Cigar Reviews: Autumn 2016

by Steve Rowbottom

cigar-brick-house-mighty-mightyBrick House Mighty Mighty

Nicaragua                            6.25” x 60             Medium-Full


Brick House. A fitting name for this beefy vitola that’s jam-packed with aromatic tobacco, solid from head to toe, and sits heavy in the hand. Each Mighty Mighty burns slow and cool, dishing out layers of big, complex flavors from start to finish. Medium in body from the start, the strength gradually builds as nuances of earth and cedar mingle with pepper and coffee after each puff. A gentle sweetness from the thick Habano wrapper lingers long on the aftertaste, completing a scrumptious 90-minute journey.


Nicaragua                            7.0” x 48               Medium


Expensive, yes…but, hear me out. Graycliff is a celebratory cigar, and 30-Year is fitting for the finest of occasions. The superior, 3-country blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran long-fillers mingles beautiful to deliver savory notes of cream and nuts complemented by chewy tobacco nuances and roasted espresso bean. The Cameroon wrapper adds a touch of roasted peanut, followed by sweetness, to create a luxurious, medium-bodied experience. Elegant and refined to the core.

cigar-macanudo-cafe-hyde-parkMacanudo Café Hyde Park

Dominican Republic        5.5” x 49               Mild


In a word: classic. Macanudo Café serves up a classic Dominican flavor, thanks to a silky Connecticut wrapper and aged long-fillers from the Dominican and Mexico. Subtle throughout, the key is to not overpower this cigar with a robust drink, enabling you to enjoy the soft hints of sweet cedar and toasty tobacco. Just enough Mexican tobacco is utilized to promote a faint touch of pepper. No twists. No turns. Just a consistently mellow yet tasty profile to soothe every last taste bud. Macanudo truly is the gentle giant.

cigar-ramon-bueso-olancho-vintage-toroRamon Bueso Olancho Vintage Toro

Honduras                            6.0” x 50               Medium-Full


Each Olancho Vintage is graced by a toothy Habano wrapper overtop a significantly well-aged blend of long-leaf tobaccos from Nicaragua alongside three varieties born from Honduran soil. Eventful is an understatement, as flavors come and go, build in complexity, grow in strength, and finally unite for a satisfying finale. Earth, leather, spice, oak, toast…this is a meaty cigar that consistently doles out dark, delicious flavors met by a perfect sweetness on the exhale. Through the nose you’ll receive ample spice, adding yet another tasty layer o’ goodness.

cigar-undercrown-shade-gran-toroUndercrown Shade Gran Toro

Nicaragua                            6.0” x 52               Medium


Silky. Smooth. Glistening with oils. That’s my first impression when looking at this 52-ring, Connecticut-wrapped Toro from Drew Estate’s Undercrown Shade line. The pre-light aroma is soft and sweet with a mellow floral note. There’s a dash of white pepper upon lighting. Throughout the burn, I pick up a buttery-smooth bouquet of cream, rich tobacco, toast, and a somewhat sweet hint of cashew. Midway through, subtle notes of white pepper return on the finish, yet never overpower the deliciousness I’m enjoying. Undercrown Shade, quite satisfying for a mellow, session-style handmade.

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