A Professionally Fit Lifestyle

by Scott Mulvaney

Creating a “realistically” fit lifestyle has become a challenge for many of us. Each of us battle with this target personally and some of us professionally. The demand for our time will shift throughout life and seems to be increasing. With the expanse of online entrepreneurship, it seems there are professionals actually getting the balance accomplished when you view their posts on social media. However, it’s quite easy to portray an image of perfection while others are struggling to comprehend how even to make the time to get started.

Our lifestyles usually shift with age and lifestyle choices. We all seem to be working harder, claim to be working smarter, but the results will always speak for themselves. If you push too hard, you will burn out, risk adrenal fatigue and other negative health impacts which are often answered with a pharmaceutical Band-Aid.

Some key nutritional lifestyles have gained reputable popularity that I personally investigate and implement myself. I personally create balance between the NSNG (No Sugars/No Grains) lifestyle, the Paleo (Paleolithic) lifestyle, and the Keto (Ketogenic) lifestyle. All of these dietary lifestyles involve whole food and clean eating. Now, to be honest, you should also be considering proper vitamin and supplementation these days only due to the fact that years of commercial farming has generated food supplies that our nutrient deficient. That said, yes there’s an additional component involving naturally sourced vitamins and nutritional shake systems to gain more nutrient dense solutions.

DIET, this word has become a negative connotation since it doesn’t symbolize a healthy, long-term way of living. This is a four-letter word that should be used moving forward in successful health and wellness practices. Diet symbolizes a short-term mindset whereas Lifestyle promotes the longevity. We need to be implementing “Lifestyle” changes and enhancements that can be maintained over the long haul. Crash dieting doesn’t create positive change, and the results are always temporary due to the negative impacts to our hormonal alignment. We must start with small changes to see how you adapt and can ensure a maintenance mindset. Celebrate the little wins along the way.

Intermittent fasting is another successful component of the ketogenic lifestyle to help your body reach a healthy state of ketosis. Incorporate fasting and cleansing are other historically proven lifestyle enhancements. These practices existed in over many years and are represented differently in multiple cultures around the world. I personally found these practices beneficial after firefighting to restore my adrenal fatigue.

But I’m Super Busy, and I don’t have the time… Consider meal prepping your clean eating, whole food solutions. Do a “Grill-Up Sunday” where you prep extra proteins on the grill or baked in the oven. Pull out a big pot and steam a large quantity broccoli or your rich green veggies. Those foods can then be easily stored in ready to travel Tupperware or travel-friendly meal planning bags.

Rethinking the Fast-food Choices… If you’re on the road and thinking about those fast-food conveniences, start rethinking what those food choices will be. Go for the grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side vs. the fast-food burger, fries, and a sugar bomb shake. We all know the struggle, and we all truly have a choice.

Your body and mind need time to adapt, recalibrate, and adjust as your lifestyle choices improve. We need to channel that energy and drive into caring about our overall mental health, fitness, nutrition, and especially along with our proper rest and recovery.

Disclaimer… The information provided above is my own research, opinions, and experiences so LIVETHEFUEL cannot be held liable. Please always consult a professional doctor, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

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