2023’s Top 3 Best Places to Visit

by Jennifer Doncsecz

The number one question I always get asked is, “where’s the best place to travel to this year.” I often qualify “best” as providing great value and not being overrun by tourists. My top 3 list include destinations that should not be overlooked and are the “hidden gems” for 2023.

1.  If you are looking for something unique and exotic, consider Qatar. With all eyes on Qatar in 2022 for the World Cup, this destination was able to highlight its unique landscape, architecture, beaches, and culture throughout the World Cup.   Having spent close to $10 billion on infrastructure for last year’s soccer event, the destination is perfectly primed for tourism and beaming with hospitality. Last year, flights and hotel prices were at a premium, but this year, Qatar is deeply advertising specials. Qatar’s capital city of Doha, is also the perfect long stopover city for those flying Qatar Airways to the Maldives, Seychelles, Zanzibar, or other destinations in Africa that Qatar Airways flies to. If you have ever wanted to visit Dubai or possibly do a long stopover there, Qatar is the perfect alternative destination!

2.   If you are hoping for a beautiful Caribbean destination that isn’t overrun with tourists, you should look at the island of Curacao. Move over Aruba! There is another Dutch island that is outside of the hurricane belt in the Caribbean! Curacao is part of the ABC island chain, which comprises Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Unlike the other 2 islands in the ABC chain, Curacao now boasts several well-known, 5-star,  all-inclusive resorts, including Sandals Resorts, Zoetry, and Dreams Resort. The island is known for its beaches and tucked-in coves. The island has an expansive coral reef that is rich in marine life. Curacao is truly a diver’s paradise!   The capital, Willemstad, has plenty of shops and is often photographed for its pastel-colored colonial architecture. 

3.   Have you been dreaming of going to Europe but need to know which country to visit and worry about the expense and crowds? You should look no further than Dublin, Ireland. This Irish capital city is known for beautiful Cathedrals, fun pubs with live music, world-class museums, the largest park in all of Europe, and is filled with Celtic charm. Flying to Dublin is a mere 6 hours nonstop from the NYC airports, and there are plenty of hotel options in the heart of the hip “Temple Bar” area of Dublin.   With its currency being the Euro and English being the primary language, Dublin provides a fabulous alternative.

The biggest challenge for travelers in 2023 will be the costs of flights and the availability of hotels. Looking for unique destinations and planning your vacations early can save you a lot of money and give you more options to choose from.

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