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            Become Your Own Fitic
Welcome to Summer 2019! For many of us, this announcement brings excitement and ideas for warm weather freedom experiences. Many of these said new freedoms are usually tied to new stressors regarding time management though. We all want healthier impacts on our daily lifestyles; however, we need first to recognize that there will be negative occurrences while we are experiencing the positives along the way. These initial points all tie into why we need to keep up our awareness as our own Fitic. That's right; it's time to become your own fitness critic!
The first step is realizing that time management is a real challenge, especially as we are bringing new challenges into our healthy lifestyle alignment. Now on the point of awareness, it's important to realize that many of us have different lifestyle goals and obligations that impact those goals. Some of these obligations can include extended family, children, summer education programs, entrepreneurial side hustles, etc. Now let’s add in the new goals which have become summer obligations which can include summer parties, graduations, weddings, camping trips, day hiking, cycling events, fit- ness competitions, racing, international travels, etc. Either way, you look at it, many of us seem to find more time in our standard 24-hour day to do more things when the summer occurs.

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