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a completion of your life and why you want to get up each morning. However, the other part of it too, and I joke about this, but it's really true, is one of the biggest changes that I made when I came on the other side of this was that I take all of my vacation days.
I used to brag that I left vacation days on the table, that I’m such a hard worker. I realized at a certain point that it’s great to be a hard worker and I still am, and I love my job, but I also make sure that I have that work-life balance that I really, truly didn’t have before. So, I started by taking all of my vacation days. That made me a much more effective and productive person at work because I feel fulfilled in a way that I wasn’t allowing myself to feel. I’m more rested. I’m more energetic. I’m more excited about rolling up my sleeves and coming up with the next project.
Your career after college has followed quite the trajec- tory. In today’s climate with women really rising above and striving and thriving and making waves, what ad- vice do you have for women?
The number one thing is we have to start supporting each other; we have to start being able to count on each other and to trust each other... When you can work with other women and truly root each other on and truly be excited about other women's success, we all have a much better landing pad when things go wrong. I think together we're stronger.
What I've done at work is that I created what I call a "Girl Gang." When we finish work, we lunch together; we work out together, we shop together. We really have forged these incredible friendships that have made me feel that when I walk into work, I walk into a family. My other family.
We’ve really created a healthy environment... We sched- ule our days around healthy activities that we do with each other so that it becomes a social and a healthy experience. Not only has it been a physical change, but an emotional and a spiritual change in me, too, because I just feel so supported. I have so much more love in my life than I did before. Everything from head to toe has changed for me in terms of how I feel.
Nearly $10,000 Raised for Local Cancer Support Organizations
The Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® 7th Annual Sig- nature Event included live and silent auctions, in addition to basket raffles, in support of the Cancer Support Com- munity of the Greater Lehigh Valley and the Women’s 5K
Classic. Attendees had the opportunity to bid on unique items that included a football, mini helmet, jersey and poster autographed by the Lehigh Valley’s very own Sa- quon Barkley, a round of golf for three at Lehigh Country Club, a package for The Spa at The Hotel Hershey, and much, much more.
In total, $9,358 was raised. The money will be split between the above-mentioned organizations.
The mission of the Cancer Support Community is to en- sure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. The organization, which relies completely on donations, has helped people affected by cancer actively engage in their health care, connect with others, reduce stress and isolation, and restore hope for a better quality of life. There are support groups, educational workshops, wig salon events, healthy cooking classes, exercise classes that include T’ai Chi, yoga and karate, and so much more. And it’s all free to those affected by cancer.
Since 1993, the Women's 5K Classic has raised funds to support Greater Lehigh Valley organizations that share its mission of promoting fitness among women of all ages, assisting women and families affected by breast and other female cancers, and educating women about breast can- cer awareness, prevention, and treatment.
When the race first began, about 250 women participated and raised $2,500, which was donated to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Since that time, the race has grown to nearly 5,000 participants annually and includes a competitive walk, a 5K run, a Pink Ribbon Loop, and a Friday Night Health Expo.
Since the very first dollar was raised, more than $3 mil- lion has been invested in the Lehigh Valley community. The Women's 5K Classic, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that takes over the Little Lehigh Parkway in Allentown every October has touched the lives of over 13,000 women and their families.
The Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® thanks the indi- viduals who participated in the fundraising efforts and is honored to help the above organizations and their causes. As the association’s CEO, Justin Porembo, always says, “REALTORS® are not just here for the transaction. We’re here to help build the community.”

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