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ü Injury reported before a planned retirement or vacation.
ü Employee regularly uses FMLA leave or has history of STD or LTD claims.
ü Employee has a history of work-related and/or personal injury claims.
ü Employee is self-employed on the side with no workers’ comp coverage.
ü Rumors that accident outside of work.
ü Employee account of accident/injury does not
make sense or has varied.
ü CCTV does not corroborate accident/injury.
ü Body part(s) allegedly hurt changes.
ü Incident is unwitnessed or witnessed only by friend or relative.
ü Witness statements are contrary to employee account.
ü Employee is uncooperative with investigation (i.e., refuses to sign Medical Authorization or limits to post-injury records, refuses to provide Statement, does not return calls).
ü Refuses offers of modified work.
ü Insists treating with “own doctor” instead of panel
ü Shows up at work utilizing “props” when not prescribed (i.e., back/neck/knee brace, arm sling, crutches/cane).
ü Quickly hires attorney and asks about settlement.
Employers must promptly relay any red flags to their claims professional since we are under a 21-day deadline from the employee’s first missed day of work to make a compensability determination or risk penalties. This is only 15 business days. Naturally, the presence of one or more red flags does not necessarily mean a claim is not legitimate and the totality of the circumstances must always be considered but identifying red flags early on has proven to be an effective way of weeding out bogus claims.
Amy has been representing employers, insurers and third- party administrators in workers’ compensation matters for over 23 years. If you have any questions or would like more information, Amy can be reached at aandrews@ or 610-841-5863.
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