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to see our own strengths and those of our colleagues, and to see the value of collaborating. This ability is one of the hallmarks of an excellent, mature leader. However, in an ego-driven or male-dominated work environment, the person who does this may be left doubting herself as she celebrates others’ expertise and no one returns the favor. In fact, as she applauds her male colleagues’ gifts, everyone else is doing the same, and hers may remain unseen. This reinforces her nagging suspicion that she is an imposter and unworthy of her position.
My response to this is not, as you might expect, for women to band together and support each other, giving each other a leg up whenever possible. This is no bad thing, but I would suggest instead that male and female leaders actively work together to dissolve the unconscious divide between men and women; that we seek the person under- neath the gender. This is becoming particularly important in an age when socially, and especially amongst millennials and Generation Y, gender roles and even gender itself has become a blurred line or a point somewhere on a spec- trum rather than the traditional cut and dried definitions of male and female.
To find courage to navigate leading in a changing world, a coach who helps you see new possibilities and open your eyes to perspectives you would not have found alone can be an enormous asset. Some coaches function as advisers, mentors, or consultants. I believe to get beyond Imposter Syndrome and make the kind of self-discoveries that will help you improve your mindset and make good decisions, you need a non-judgmental thought partner who asks questions that help you see what lies beneath the issue for you so you can design your own actions. My advice would always be limited by the fact that I am not you. That is why I help you better understand what you know about yourself and the situation, to enable you to design your own action steps. The actions you design yourself are far more motivating to you because they are authentically yours.

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