Page 23 - Network Magazine Summer 2019
P. 23

 Another trend among downtown Allentown busi- nesses is the desire to network with other companies within the central business district. Companies, like people, want to be connected and to grow through those connections.
Kerry Kulp, a Network Systems Consultant and Partner at Velaspan in Three City Center, says, “We moved to downtown Allentown with expansion in mind because of the great location and opportunities to collaborate with other downtown companies. As a direct result of our location, we have built relation- ships that have led to additional business, requiring us to recruit and expand our workforce.”
Attracting and retaining a young, educated work- force; designing new, open office space from scratch; and collaborating with dozens of companies within walking distance are all goals that can be met in downtown Allentown’s reenergized office community.

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