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 according to John C. Max- well, the world’s leading authority on Leadership.
Connecting increases Leadership impact.
Connecting increases Teamwork impact.
Connecting increases Sales impact.
Connecting increases Relationship impact.
Connecting increases Empowerment impact.
DISC gives us the knowl-
edge that helps us to con-
nect with each other on a deeper level. It allows us to engage each team member the way THEY need to be engaged.
It helps us value them.
At CAPO Leadership Consulting, we fundamentally believe that there is immense power in understanding yourself. We also believe that teams perform much more efficiently, effectively, and with less conflict when they truly understand each other.
Using the Maxwell DISC Method, we have seen teams achieve more with greater accuracy as they increase their understanding of themselves and their teammates in areas that include:
• Communication Style, including Communication Dos and Don’ts
• Behavioral Style, including Motivation, Ideal Environ- ment, and Primary Fear
• Strengths as indicated using PowerDISCTM
• Work Style and how to leverage this in a team envi- ronment
The number one mistake that we have seen organizations make when using any personality profile system is to fail to act on the resulting information in a meaningful way. The information is held within HR and management and is never leveraged to provide real value to the business.
We believe that DISC information must be used to empower your leadership and your entire team.
At CAPO, we put action to DISC by providing the following:
1. DISC Overview for your team
2. DISC Survey for each team member (15 minutes to complete online)
3. Individualized DISC Report for each team member
4. Action Plan for each team member based on DISC Report
5. DISC Team Communication Workshop with your en- tire team, focusing on communication, collaboration, and execution while honoring the strengths and style of each teammate.
6. Coaching with the leadership and the team to ensure that this new information is applied and leveraged to positively impact the business.
Don’t miss the opportunity to bring this powerful tool to your most valuable asset – your people.
About the Author
Michael Barrovecchio believes that everyone is “Born Brilliant”, possessing everything they need to be truly successful. Michael coaches Business Leaders, Execu- tives, and their Teams to become aware of their Brilliance and engage it to live and lead with authenticity and bal- ance. Michael is President of CAPO Leadership Consult- ing, an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, and a Certified DISC Behavioral Consultant. He can be reached at 732-713-1900 or Michael@CAPOLeadership-

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