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           Get DISC-Connected
How would your leadership impact change if you knew exactly how to connect with your team?
What would happen if your company phone directory included each person’s communication style?
How would your sales team perform if they understood their own selling style and could discern the buying style of your customers?
The Maxwell DISC Method empowers you to do all of this and more.
In 1928, Dr. William Marston authored his DISC theory, which says that each of us is a unique combination of four primary personality styles: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant.
A person’s style is determined by the survey answers that he or she provides. While each of us is a combina- tion of all four styles, we usually have one that is stronger than the others.
Let’s take a look at the four primary types.
D – Dominant
The Dominant or D-type personality is outgoing and task- oriented. They seek control and make quick decisions.
D-types are very direct and focus on results.
I – Influencing
The Influencing or I-type personality is outgoing and people-oriented. They persuade others with words and are often the life of the party. I-types are spontaneous, friendly, and love the spotlight.
S – Steady
The Steady or S-type personality is reserved and people- oriented. They make great team players and consistently follow through on tasks. S-types are motivated by loyalty and acceptance.
C – Compliant
The Compliant or C-type personality is reserved and task-oriented. They are on time, very analytical, and rely on facts. C-types are planners who take great pride in their accuracy.
According to the Harvard Business Review, “The number one criteria for advancement and promotion for profes- sionals is an ability to communicate effectively.”
That means connecting!
Connecting increases your influence in every situation,
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