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 connection on LinkedIn that you don’t really know and set up a phone call or meeting.
EXAMPLE 2: You are an associate attorney working in your firm’s liquor law department where you are hoping to drum up new distillery clients. You have 10 hours/ month for marketing, and you enjoy writing and public speaking. Start a blog or contribute to your firm's existing blog. Set a schedule and make sure you have at least two blogs in the hopper, you never know when a work or a personal emergency will arise. Sign up to do a CLE at your local bar association or team up with another practice area in your firm and do an in-house presenta- tion (you and a labor & employment attorney covering things distilleries need to think about). Attend events at the local distilleries – get to know the owners and their needs.
EXAMPLE 3: You are an engineer and need to drum
up more business outside of your immediate area. Your goal is to connect with construction companies, develop- ers, planning commissions, and zoning boards. You hate public speaking and writing, but you don't mind social settings. You work during the day, but most evenings
are free for marketing. Attend events for the economic development organization in the geographic area you want to target, register for land development confer- ences, and see if there are any real estate development/ planning commission events at your local Chamber.
Long story short – it's not rocket science. It takes plan- ning, discipline, and accountability. Just like a diet or exercise plan, you need to stay the course and vary the activity to see results - eating only broccoli and doing bicep curls will not help you achieve your fitness goals – and neither will only blogging and connecting with people on LinkedIn. However, stick with activities that you like – you will be more likely to stick with it.

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