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                     The 3 “T’s” of Professional Services Marketing
Marketing can be a scary word. Where do you start? What is the most effective way to market? How do you budget? Slow down. With a little planning, some focus, and a straightforward to-do list, you can handle this. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, financial planner, or an engineer – these tips can be applied regardless of your service and focused on your niche area.
TIME: Identify how much time are you willing to commit to your marketing? You can’t run a marathon if you
are only willing to devote one hour/week to training. Same with marketing. You can’t plan to write 5 blogs, an article and do two presentations a week if you can only commit an hour/week to marketing, because that will only get you 2-3 blogs or an article. That’s not even a half marathon.
Are you a natural at having close relationships? Schedule one-on-one meetings with clients, prospects, and referral sources. Your reputation and relationships are what makes you memorable.
TARGET: What are your goals? Tangible goals. For example, if you are 34, retirement at 40 with $18 million in your 401K isn’t what I want to hear, unless you already have $15m banked, then let’s talk. Set tangible goals for the next year, keeping in mind your talent and time. Set small goals for three weeks from now, 3 months from now, 6 months from now, and so on. If you make all your goals due at the end of the year, you will keep pro- crastinating. Hold yourself accountable – or rally some co-workers to join you in your efforts and create a wager, so you stay motivated.
 TALENT: What are you
good at – besides Cross-
Fit or watching Game of
Thrones? Were you on
the debate team or just
love public speaking? Get
involved at an industry
event as a panelist,
emcee, or speaker. Did you minor in journalism or keep diaries? Start blogging, find industry publications to write articles for, and write articles for LinkedIn. Are you a social butterfly and love working the room? Get out to networking events and join boards at your local Cham- ber of Commerce and other business organizations.
Do you love helping others and have a soft spot for the needy? Volunteer and sit on the board for non-profits.
In an ideal world, you would have 20 hours a week for marketing and be good at everything. But this is real life. So, let’s be real.
EXAMPLE 1: You are an outgoing accountant looking to meet small business owners as prospective clients, and you commit to setting aside an hour/week. You set a goal to meet 3 business owners in three weeks. Reach out to some people in your network and ask if they will set up a lunch meeting with someone whom you want to meet or that they think you should meet. Attend an event where you can meet small business owners. Reach out to a

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