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                    Digital Marketing –
What You Need to Know
   Are you lost in the Wild West digital marketing space? As you trek along the seemingly vast wilderness littered with new technology and terminology – you are not alone. While there are no defined road maps, getting overwhelmed by the mountains of endless data, countless platforms, and product offerings won’t help your cause. In fact, there is so much happening in the digital space that often even the most experienced marketers can be found scratching their heads. As this space grows more sophisticated and crowded day by day, going back to basics can be the most overlooked, yet valuable, place to start.
Anything that is placed in/on/through internet tech- nology qualifies as digital marketing. It’s advertising delivered through digital channels, and it takes on many forms such as SEO, Content, Paid Search, Mobile, Email, or Social Media – just to name a few.
It’s way bigger than you might think; everything is con- nected, but these simple principles apply:
1. Know who your customers really are. If you know who your customer is, there are lots of data that can help you find and connect with them.
2. While digital marketing can be easier, that doesn’t mean it is. Sometimes, clients can get lost (or obsessed) in the data. Instead of getting lost in the data, get lost in your WHY. Why should customers use you? What sets you apart?
3. Take the time to get a baseline understanding of the different digital channels, then, talk to your current clients about their online behaviors. Do they use certain social platforms? Do they Google everything? Maybe they are Podcast junkies. You won’t know until you ask.
Going back to the basics is important, but don’t forget to become familiar with new opportunities that may present you with a unique way to connect with your customers as well.
Content Personalization
As technology has evolved, so has the ability to custom- ize your website and tailor messages to be delivered to your target audience as they interact with your website in real time. Content personalization is the new frontier and if your website is a few years old and in need of an update – start thinking about how you can incorporate personalized content to meet the unique needs of your target audiences. If you have several unique products or service offerings that serve multiple industries, consider opportunities to tailor content and content offerings to those unique potential customers. A more personalized content offering can lead to a higher rate of customer acquisition through your website.
Smart Speakers
Smart speakers are growing at a rapid pace and are considered to have a faster adoption rate than smart- phones with more than a quarter of U.S. Adults having a smart speaker in their home as of March 2019 according to While voice applications are still very much new, consumers are creating heavy demand for

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