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 to reach their audience. Gone are the days of a single “who we are” video on a website. Creating content to use across various platforms is critical for success in
our noisy, digital world. Companies that take the time
to invest in a long-term plan will lead the pack. Among the largest national brands, dollars are shifting from traditional advertising to digital storytelling. Video is no longer a want, it is a need, and it’s important to partner with a production team that offers strategies to maximize budgets and keep the content coming. But don’t be fooled – while quantity is important, quality will always prevail.
Ashley S. Russo
President, Executive Producer, ASR Media Productions
We agree with Ashley. We are also seeing more and more companies, large and small, embracing video. It’s actually a trend towards multiplatform use of profes- sional video. We will work on a project for a website video that runs around a minute and a half long but then create shorter versions for social use. Businesses are recognizing the need for well told, branded stories that go beyond phone videos you can shoot yourself. We are also seeing a surge in the use of infographics. Each is a customized and branded graphic that features an FAQ designed to sell your expertise or services on the social platforms of your choice.
Marta Countess
President, Countess Communications
One word for the trend for 2019 and the immediate future for iHeartMedia is DIGITAL. In fact, this year, the money spent on digital advertising in the United States will surpass that on traditional ads for the first time.
Media consumption has spread across so many platforms and content providers. It’s hard for any single brand message to build scaled awareness and impact. iHeart Media has embraced this, evolving from radio to embrace a cross-platform approach, including offerings on social media, targeted audio, and most recently OTT (Over the Top) video ads targeting cord cutters.
Believe it or not, cord cutters and cord-nevers are projected to increase by 79% by 2019! That's the way the new generation views TV.
Robin Joy McNeely
Sr. Account Executive/Digital Consultant, I Heart Media
At Lehigh Valley Style, we see double-digit growth in digital advertising as clients seek to complement their print campaigns with our online offerings. Targeted digital display – including site retargeting and geo-fencing – are
just two of the tactics driving great results. Sponsor content has also become a major trend – advertisers are eager to create digital content that our readers will use, share and save. Our most successful clients are using video to share their stories – and are seeing huge pageview numbers, shares on social media and new customer acquisitions.
Pamela Deller
Publisher, Lehigh Valley Style
I know it is an old idea, but new for 2019 is just keep
it simple. In an age of post this, blog this, tweet this, concentrate on your mission to elevate you above the rest. Go back to your core beliefs. NETWORK MAGA- ZINETM concentrates on its readership consisting of the professional service market which appeals to advertisers trying to reach that target. Stick to what you know and don't overreach. Once you start over complicating your message and the way you get your message out, then you just create confusion not only for your readership but also for your advertisers.
Ray Bridgeman
Editorial Director, NETWORK MAGAZINETM
2019 will bring some exciting things to the world of marketing and how people brand themselves to convey their brand.
I believe you will start to see BOLD fonts and BRIGHT colors to make brands POP out in the mainstream of marketing. While the simplicity of ideas and information will make it look more organic and spacious.
With everyone trending into the social media and digital marketing spectrum in 2018, 2019 will also bring back printing in the way that it needs to be part of the com- plete marketing package. It has always been said that the more you market to your ideal audience, the more you will get noticed. Digital printing with data-driven market- ing will be the trend in getting the complete package for brand marketing in 2019.
Melissa Berner
Owner & Designer, Berner Design
Marketing may seem like a moving target for business owners, but with savvy professionals tracking the trends, behaviors and new technologies (like artificial intel- ligence and visual search), there is help to find out what works for you and your business. My thanks to all of those who were willing to provide some insight into the state of the marketing world today.

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