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Marketing Made Easy in 2019
Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first few months of 2019! How’s business? If you feel like you’re not being heard, I’ve polled some of the brightest marketing minds in the Lehigh Valley to offer their best advice on trends you may want to consider to stand out. Listen closely because the marketing tactics you succeeded with last year may not work this year.
It’s not so much a trend as a need — a need to stop trying to utilize each and every digital marketing tactic known to the universe. Organizations feel pressured to participate in all the world's latest! Hottest! Best ROI?! Digital marketing channels ("Let's, uh, do a podcast about our Twitch stream") when, in fact, many of those channels or tactics aren't helping connect with potential or current customers whatsoever. You're just, well, you're kind of there. Instead of checking off the "post to Twitter" box if it doesn't make sense for your business, spend time thinking — thoroughly — through what you as a business, an entrepreneur, a marketer, a volunteer, a whatever, want to achieve. Dig into how people behave. Be brave in how you present your product or service, but you better do it in an authentic manner. Some of the best marketing I’ve seen comes from local businesses who ensure their websites are solid, their Google My Business listings are clean and up-to-date, and their Instagram accounts are engagingly cool. It really can be that simple.
Mike Walbert
VP, Strategic Communications, SWBR
In 2019 we are going to see that websites are no longer
about static content, but the personalized experience. Content personalization is not new, but it is gaining ground. Studies show that by utilizing content person- alization on your website, you can significantly increase engagements and conversions. Security is going to be another major topic in marketing this year as marketers are being forced to understand security on the web across many channels. Forging a stronger tie between marketing and technology.
Hillary Long
General Manager, Partner, CITRO Digital
2019 will see social media consumption continue to shift from desktop to mobile. More importantly, stories – on the fly, disappearing vertical videos – are growing 15 times faster than feed-based sharing. Instagram and Facebook prominently feature stories at the top of their mobile feeds. To remain relevant, it's important for companies
to perfect these in-the-moment, smartphone filmed experiences. Overwhelmingly visual and creative, they are most successful when personal and real. Now is the time to experiment with your content and engagement. While your best stories can be saved, as you discover what works best for your organization, most will have a 24-hour be adventurous and have fun! Tina Hasselbusch
President, Social T Marketing & PR
Within the shifting landscape of communication and marketing, video and digital media are experiencing a revolution. As social media races to the front of the line for peoples' attention, companies are seeking new ways

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