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                will stand apart from the masses, and earn the trust and loyalty of those whom they lead. As a general rule, most people can be characterized by their courage or their lack thereof:
• In the corporate world those who demonstrate cour- age stand apart as innovators and opinion leaders, those who display a lack of courage are viewed as ”yes men” who are the politically correct defenders of status quo.
• In the military great courage is often referred to as heroism, while a lack of courage will brand you a coward.
• On the stage of world affairs those who display cour- age are statesmen, and those who don’t are politicians.
• In relationships courage will show you to be a trusted friend, whereas the absence of courage will reveal you as a gossip, adversary, or even enemy.
Each day brings with it a new set of challenges, and the best any of us can hope for is that we will have the cour- age and character to stand behind our personal beliefs and convictions regardless of public opinion or outcome. Courage will make you faithful, where a lack thereof will
cause you to be fearful. Whether you look back on your personal experience or a greater historical reference, you’ll find it is always better to stand for courage than regret failing to do so. Leadership always begins with one courageous act - making a decision. Will you decide to be courageous?
Mike Myatt is a leadership advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and their Board of Directors. Widely regarded as Amer- ica’s Top CEO Coach, he is recognized by Thinkers50 as a global authority on leadership. He is the bestselling author of Hacking Leadership and Leadership Matters, and a Forbes leadership columnist.
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