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                behind those decisions. They may not like the decision, but if you effectively communicate, then they can at least trust that you did not withhold information. It is quite pos- sible, and frankly important, to be able to trust someone even if you don’t agree with them.
4. Competency delivers on the promise. This goes both ways. When a leader promises something, people must believe that the leader is competent enough to deliver on that promise. If it sounds good, but a leader cannot deliver the result, then what will someone expect the next time?
This also works in the other direction. For a leader to empower their team, then they must assume a compe- tence to deliver on what they were empowered to do. If an individual or team is not competent to deliver what is expected, then the leader’s behaviors will reflect that, and trust will deteriorate.
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Overall, there are two systematic actions that help. First, the continuous development of people to build compe- tence. Second, making competency transparent. Knowing that there are gaps and that we understand them, and that we are making efforts to close them, builds the trust of competence.
5. Be consistent. The final factor is that all of the above must be done with consistency. If, for example, you dem- onstrate care sometimes, and disregard it other times, then all of your good intentions will be for naught. Just like product brands, trust is built through consistency fulfilling your promise.
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