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 NETWORK MAGAZINETM Winter 2019 Release
Party at The Dime
PHOTOS BY Vanessa Guevara
Tina Roseberry and Richard Roseberry
Winter 2019 Release Party
 Victor Cimerol, Ray Bridgeman and Jason Breidinger
   Victor Salicetti and Zeke Zelker
     Buddy Lesavoy and Andrew Coulsey
Mike Molewski, Peter Gourniak and Chas Reese
    David Olson and Wayne Barz
Jim Klunk, Frank Smith and James Ferlino
Kristen Shea and Basil Leonetti
     Tim Harakal
Alicia Emili and Sara Raley
Chris Morganelli, Heather McFadden and Kristin Nelson-Peck

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