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If you prefer to hunt for fresh truffles in comfort, here are some of Italy’s 2017 Truffle Festivals
ALBA - Alba’s white truffle fair and market is one of the best and worth a special trip. The event runs from this year from October 7 to 26th November with gastronomic stands and ends with the truffle world auction and the white truffle walk for tourists. During the fair, there are concerts and lots of entertainment as well. The week before leads up to this event with the famous donkey Palio and the chef contest; the finalist will then enter the world's most prestigious cooking contest the Bocouse d’ Or in France next January. http://www.fieradeltartufo. org/
MONCALVO - This year will be held from the 22nd through the 29th October. Located among the pictur- esque area of Monferrato with stoic castles, panoramic landscapes, and quaint villages. Moncalvo will be cel- ebrating with truffle tastings and dinners leading up to the auction on the last day.
SAN GIOVANNI D’ASSO - second and third weekends in November
VOLTERRA - Last weekend in October and the first weekend in November
SAN MINIATO ( Florence Province) Last weekend in October and the first weekend in November
CORAZZANO, SAN MINIATO ( Florence Province) the first Sunday in October
BALCONEVISI, SAN MINIATO ( Florence Province) the third Sunday in October
MONTESPERTOLI ( Siena Province) Third weekend in November
BORGO SAN LORENZO, MUGELLO ( Florence Prov- ince) third weekend in November
MONTAIONE ( Siena Province) Last weekend in October AREZZO ( Arezzo Provoince) first weekend in October

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