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 feedback. Being customer-centric energizes employees when they understand the linkage between their job and the real end goal of the business—to serve customers.
Training presents another impor- tant opportunity for customer engagement, while potentially providing solutions to help custom-
ers address skills gaps. Education can and should be delivered in many forms—from manuals and hands-on classes to online and self-help—to meet the
needs of diverse learners.
4. Encouraging Diversity of Thought
Ideas can come from anywhere. However, by consciously cultivating diversity of thought, you can stimulate creativ- ity. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, consider different cultures, backgrounds, and person- alities for new hires and develop collaborative, diverse
project teams to contribute to new ideas and solutions.
This can also be done via reverse mentorship. Given the growth in technology, younger workers can teach mature employees new ways to solve problems and use the latest and greatest technology.
Finally, creating an environment where employees can be themselves will allow for thought diversity. It starts on the individual level before it is a culture. Visible leader- ship enhances this. Available, authentic executives who engage with employees at all levels helps create a culture of trust and respect while enhancing communication and collaboration.
Eric B. Luftig is a Vice President at Victaulic, which is celebrat- ing 100 Years of Innovation in 2019. He leads a global team across a variety of departments and areas of focus. Eric is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Chemical Engineering and has a broad professional background having been in a variety of operational and com- mercial leadership roles.
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