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 Regardless of the type, term or rate the Federal Government requires lenders collect a 2-year history of residency, a 2-year work history, 2 years of income tax returns & w2s/1099s, 2 months of bank statements and
1 month of pay stubs in order for a mortgage loan to be compliant with its regulatory standards. Everything we need to succeed... hey, we come across all that in the course of our day, month and year (que Emeril; BAM!). Thanks Emeril. That’s really good news because time is running on the low side... the closing date just around the corner and it’s pretty important; it’s where we’re going to live. We can sketch that out, right?
Right so... how is it that we defy logic and reason? Service; S e r v i c e.
Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month award winning service paints a perfect picture
of your immediate future. It starts with meeting the Loan Officer, then to processing, after that the money
is wired and into the title company you go! Pick up the keys. Regardless of what the industry would lead you to believe... that can be done with eyes closed.
A free consultation with a quality loan officer will answer all of your questions select the loan type, the term
and the rate structure that meets your individual
needs. That won’t be done in general; rather, it’s
at this moment that you meet your banker as both an educator and trusted advisor. In the midst of your search you and your real estate agent and your loan officer will communicate on a consistent basis. You and your real estate agent ratify the purchase contract. Lastly, the loan officer will collect a formal application tailored specifically to you.
You’ll walk out knowing exactly how what you’ll be spending.
Processing will review the necessary documents you’ve submitted ensuring they meet regulatory standards and work with you to achieve compliance. When put to task and coupled with your help processing can complete your review and approval in a day
or two.
The closing department then works together with the title company your real estate agent recommended. The property’s ownership history is clean.
The cost to close is sharpened
to the penny and the loan funds are wired to the title company in advance. You’ll receive a copy of the finalized settlement cost statement reminding you of how much cash is required and your transaction is funded.
The total process can be completed in just 8 days; many times, over. Whether a buyer’s market, a seller’s market or in between you need service you can trust, and it
is present in the industry. You can be a priority. Your closing date provides more than enough time for that level of service.
Call and ask questions, too; they’re important. Find the artist that draws your picture day in and day out. One who uses one of the easiest words to spell, not one of the hardest. Time will fly when you’re having fun. F u n; Fun.
We’ll stand on your stage, by your side and at the ready - holding a perfectly painted picture in one hand and Webster’s dictionary in the other.

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