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based on plan choice. Medicare plans can also offer ancillary benefits and can include things like dental, vi- sion and even gym memberships to an approved facility.
Employers can typically save money on employee benefits by moving their 65 and older employees off the group coverages. The costs associated with older employees tend to be more per month than for younger employees. The savings can be hundreds to thousands of dollars per month if the employee workforce is older. Employers can reimburse employees for their Part B, Part D, and Medicare Supplement policies but IRS rules apply. The Medicare benefit plan arrangements must be integrated with other group benefit plans.
*Medicare reimbursement arrangements will be consid- ered to be “integrated” with another group health plan if:
• The employer offers a group health plan other than the employer payment plan that does not consist solely of excepted benefits and offers minimum value coverage;
• The employee participating in the employer pay- ment plan is actually enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B;
• The employer payment plan is available only to employees who are enrolled in Medicare Part A and B, or Part D
The employer payment plan is limited to reimburse- ment of Medicare Part B or D premiums and excepted benefits, including Medigap premiums.*
When age 65 is looming, it’s best to meet with a Medi- care Planning Specialist who can take the anxiety off employers as well as employees and help decide and determine the best course of action for their health insurance coverages. Good health coverage and saving money can be accomplished.
*Excerpt taken from IRS Notice 2015-17—Employer Pay- ment Plans and the ACA’s Market Reforms 03.30.15*

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