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or Rye whiskey. Hence the need for less vermouth and not so much with the bitters. Baby boomers and some of their children still prefer our northern cousin for a Manhattan due to its easy drinkability. Being the traditionalist that I am and having a slight penchant for harsher undertones that to me provide more char- acter and depth to the cocktail, prefer the American standard of bourbon or rye.
With all of this being said, the Manhattan cocktail is one that bartenders of the modern era love to re- create with the abundance of spirits that are available on the back bar of institutions with a serious drive for complexity. With the reemergence of Amaros, Amaris, and vermouth in particular; there are so many layers of flavor that can be added to the drink itself. With a deft hand and understanding of the spirits themselves and how they blend together, different combinations and variations are able to be re-created.
 Here is my latest, softer and summer themed Manhattan recipe deftly named: Making Manhat- tan Great Again.
2 ounces of Maker’s Mark Bourbon
1/2 ounce of Averna Amaro (probably the most accessible amaro in Pennsylvania)
1/2 ounce Luxardo Apricot liqueur
2 dashes of Orange bitters (Regan’s num- ber 9 is my favorite)
Garnished with an orange twist
Until the next installment of cocktails in Network Magazine, I hope you all continue to drink fresh ingredients, buy local, and always trust a good bartender!
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