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puter, there is a whole industry of trial technology vendors who will do the same thing (and organize your documents in binders, if you like), but at considerable expense, of course.
Smartphone Technology
• Time entry apps let you enter your time wherever you are, eliminating the need to keep a written log you might lose or forget your time altogether.
• Expense report apps allow you to submit invoices and receipts at the touch of a button for quick and easy reimbursement.
• On-the-go legal research (Lexis and Westlaw) are both available for iPhone and Android.
• Dropbox – if it's saved to your computer, you can access it from your smartphone.
• Apps such as CamScanner turn your iPhone or Android into a scanner – helpful when there's only one copy of a document and no photocopier available.
• There's even a Black's Law Dictionary app!
On the Horizon
It's been suggested that in the future, jury trials may be done virtually with some or all jurors, attorneys, and wit- nesses participating digitally. For non-litigators, it may soon become possible to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) assistance in contract and corporate document review. AI products, such as Premonition and ROSS, analyze legal authority as applied to a particular set of facts to predict outcomes. Also, in development are software programs that skim and interpret large quantities of documents in order to pinpoint which are relevant and critical to a particular case.
However, you use technology in your practice, of course, make sure you have a good IT department – if the wifi is down, the server on the fritz, or the bandwidth at a snail's pace, you need good people to back you up. Learn how to make technology work for you!
Wendy R.S. O'Connor is a shareholder in the Allentown office of Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Gog- gin where she represents clients in a wide variety of casualty and healthcare-related matters. She may be reached at

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