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                Leadership Commitment
As a leader of your organization, if you are not ready to commit to the adventure of change, then don’t get off the porch. I mean that—do not start unless you are committed to finish! I have seen firsthand companies that have turned culture change into an organizational minefield. The CEO will tell me it didn't work, and unfortunately, I have to remind them that they weren't committed to change and that the entire initiative turned into a hollow promise. Yes, it will backfire if there is a lack of commitment.
Leadership Implementation
As a 20-year consultant veteran, I differentiate myself by emphasizing implementation. When an organization begins culture change, the transformation will only oc- cur through implementation. I do not stop with a report and recommendations. I help my clients build actionable implementation plans. I work with the leadership team to identify and select employees who can play a role in helping the execution of those plans. This spreads the
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implementation buy-in throughout the company and ensures greater success of implementation. Leader- ship's role is to coach and facilitate implementation.
Leadership Flexibility
When a company embarks on transforming their cor- porate culture, they are embarking on a journey into the unknown. Culture is fluid, ever-changing, impacted by the daily weather, disruptive, moody and explosive. During culture change implementation, leaders need to be flexible, understanding that the environment will shift actions and initiative throughout the process. Leaders need to use their corporate values as the compass, to ensure they are going in the right direction, yet be flex- ible to allow deviations.
Yes, culture change rises and falls on leadership, but a strong culture can make the difference between win- ning and losing, so I encourage leaders to embrace the challenge and lead their organizations toward a healthy corporate culture.
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