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 the benefits of modern HR operations are not top of mind for some business owners. However, valuable investment- related metrics can still be collected to assess the ef- fectiveness of many HR programs, provided employers know what to look at, and how. Training investments are a perfect example of this.
According to Fortune magazine, most training programs can be assessed for ROI when companies zero in on one or two goals they want to achieve in advance, and then measure those areas before and after the programming takes place. This information can then be compared to the cost of training. Other ways to track the benefits of training programs include using ongoing surveys/ques- tionnaires, pre-training exercises that make clear what the quantifiable expectations are for after the instructional sessions are completed. This data can be compared to the long-term, resulting revenue or cost savings. In some cases, cost savings may come from reduced time spent on compliance paperwork or money spent on regulatory fines or legal fees.
Businesses that take the extra step of measuring the re- turns of training investments can also use this information to then improve their overall development programming,
as the connection to the organization’s improved bottom- line becomes clearer.
Besides training, the same tracking principles can be applied to many other HR functions once goals, desired outcomes, and methods are pinpointed. Because HR is an investment, it is imperative to establish objectives and metrics at the outset of a new initiative so objective measurement can occur.
The environment and tools your employees need today to be successful, fulfilled and invested in your organiza- tion are also what they need to help make you successful. Creating a productive, positive workplace with the help of modern HR functions results in a win-win situation and a tangible return on investment.
By: Tina Hamilton is president and CEO of myHR Partner, Inc., a Lehigh Valley company that offers human resources outsourcing for mid-market companies in 24 states. She can be reached at

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